Using Squidoo Lenses for Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

How To Use Squidoo Lenses for Ad and Marketing Campaigns

If you haven't got your own website but you see the marketing value in having one, consider using Squidoo lenses for advertising and marketing campaigns. Each Squidoo site is called a lens, and you can set one up in a few minutes without having any html know-how. Improve your next marketing campaign with a Squidoo lens by following this guide.

Step 1

Decide on the best title and website address (URL) for your Squidoo lens. Before you begin to create your Squidoo lens, you've got to come up with a great title and address. Remember that once you choose a URL address, you can't change it later. So take time to decide on the best web site address for your business. Ideally, your URL and your page title will be nearly the same so that it's easy to advertise. Plus, it will increase the chances of your site showing up in search engine results (which we all know is beneficial to advertising and marketing campaigns). More traffic equals more profit, so make sure your site is titled and address properly.

Step 2

Explore the Squidoo site. Of course, you want to familiarize yourself with the Squidoo site so you can decide on the best approach to using it to enhance your advertising and marketing potential. See what other people include in their lenses, and scope out all of the different features (or ‘modules') that you can include in your own Squidoo lens.

Step 3

Sign up for a Squidoo lens. The next step in using Squidoo is to visit the website at Click on the link that allows you to create your own page, and simply follow the process. It is a quick and relatively painless step in using Squidoo lenses for advertising and marketing campaigns.

Step 4

Create your lens. Your first attempt to create your Squidoo lens may not result in your perfect web page for advertising and marketing the products and services of your business. But that's okay. The best Squidoo lenses are those that are updated regularly, so make this a habit of yours. As you become more familiar with the functions of Squidoo, your lens will continue to evolve and improve. Plus, your efforts to continuously update your marketing website will keep your customers informed and keep your page active within search engines.

Step 5

Post links to your Squidoo lens. Once you are happy with the content on your Squidoo lens, it is imperative that you direct as much traffic to your lens as possible. Post links to your Squidoo lens on your other company site (if you have one), on message boards, and on online forums. Send an email containing a link to your Squidoo link to family, friends, clients and colleagues, and ask them to pass it on to anyone else how may have an interest in the products and services you are advertising. (Just avoid spamming. It will give you and the company you are advertising a bad reputation.)

As with any other website, a Squidoo lens can be a successful part of any advertising and marketing campaign as long as it is done properly. Come up with a good title and address, update your content often and post the link to your lens wherever you can. These steps are going to maximize your success with your advertising and marketing campaign.


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