How To Promote Business Products and Services

In the competitive business world, the way you go about promoting products and services will affect the sales for those products and services. So it's important that you choose the right approach so that you can achieve the most success (and profits). Here are a few creative ways to advertise and promote your business products and services to help generate revenue.

Step 1

Create a website. The Internet is a powerful advertising tool. More than any other media, the Internet serves as the starting point for consumer searches about products and services. So make sure that you have a strong presence on the Internet so that you can secure some of the traffic created by interested customers. You can create your own website, but professional websites do much better in terms of keeping customers interested in your products and services. For a few thousand dollars, you can hire a company to create a website for you that promotes your business, its products and its services. If you can, include a shopping cart feature on your website so that you can generate income from your website. Offering products and services online is a great way of promoting your company.

Step 2

Get your business name out there. Another way to promote your products and services is to get as much publicity for your company as you can. Do whatever you can to make your company a household name. Add your company to free listing directories and your local yellow pages. Place an advertisement in your local classifieds. Or include your business in the next local coupon insert that come with the weekly flyers. Pursue several of these promotional methods, but be sure to focus on online business directories, as this is where much traffic is generated.

Step 3

Get people talking about your products. Promote your services by taking the time to tell people about them. Attend trade fairs, sign up for online forums related to your line of work, and create a blog. For relatively little money (if any), you can promote your products and services directly with your customers. It's a very personal way of discussing what your company has to offer, and most customers prefer this approach.

Step 4

Create a press release. A less personal way of promoting your products and services is by creating a press release. Write a press release and send it in to your local newspaper (or larger newspapers that you think might reach your customer base). In the press release, include information about your company, your products, your credibility and what's so great about the services that you offer. You may also want to email this press release to online sites that pertain to your business. The more places you can submit your press release, the better your chances are of reaching all of your potential customers.

Step 5

Send out a newsletter. Force people to read about your products and services by mailing out a newsletter. You can also do this online through newsletter directories free of charge. Include information about new products, changes in your company, and other exciting news. It should read more like a personal letter than a catalogue. Include short, informative articles, a few pictures and some easy-to-read graphics in your newsletter. Then send it off to your potential customers. You may reach your clientele that otherwise would not have known about your new products or services. It's a more expensive approach, but it will definitely promote your company.


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