What is an Ozone Generator?

Ozone is a colorless or pale blue gas with three oxygen atoms. It has a strong characteristic odor usually associated with electrical sparks and thunder storms. While ground-level ozone is considered harmful to human respiratory health, the ozone layer in the stratosphere is a boon to man as it filters ultraviolet light from reaching the earth’s surface. Today, ozone has found another niche in industrial and household applications.

Scientists believe that ozone has a natural tendency to kill bacteria and viruses. In fact it is currently being used in many industrial sites to sanitize various areas and surfaces. Dentists in Europe have also found ways to clean teeth much more effectively using ozone. Also, many people are now seeing its potential to do the same in a household setting. With this good number of helpful applications in place, scientists have developed the ozone generator to widen the benefits man can get from this natural wonder. Here are some of the most common applications provided by the ozone generator:

  • ozone treatment of cooling towers
  • aquaculture with ozone treatment
  • food and beverage processing
  • drinking water treatment
  • industrial ozone-based odor control
  • industrial wastewater treatment

There exists a vast array of available models of the ozone generator or sometimes referred to as the ozonator. It’s basically a modular machine capable of doing one specific task like one from the abovementioned list or it can perform multiple tasks in one lean, mean machine.

Here are some of the many ozone generator providers you can choose from:

  • Biozone Corporation. This company offers ozone generators that are made from high quality materials that guarantee the product’s effective water and air treatment. The company boasts of its products that are easy to maintain and its parts are easy to find and cost affordably. Their ozone generators are available online through their website.
  • Longevity Resources, Inc. Aside from its best-selling ozone sauna cabinet and ozone sauna, Longevity also offers its own models of ozone generators that have been in circulation for more than 10 years. Currently, the company has three designs to choose from: the Ext 120-T ozone generator, the Ext 120 ozone generator and the Ext 50 Ozone generator. For more information, go visit ozonegenerator.com.
  • Spartan Environmental Technologies. The company supplies ozone generators and oxidation systems for industrial or home use with a complete line of applications. From odor and algae control to food and beverage processing, Spartan’s ozone generators are made available for you. The company also accepts custom designed systems to fit your household or industrial needs. you may contact them through their website.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that a number of brands selling ozone generators have EPA number on their packaging but this doesn’t mean EPA has found such a product advisable or proven scientifically. The EPA number provided is just a way to help EPA identify the specific manufacturer producing that product. To be sure if you were buying the right ozone generator for you, you can contact the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) at 1111 19th Street, NW, Suite 402, Washington, DC 20036, with telephone number (202) 872-5955 or visit its website www.aham.org for more details.


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