What is Employee Satisfaction

Every employee is an investment for a company. Having a happy worker would mean better production and loyalty to the company. But how can a worker be happy and how will employers know that the employees are happy? Employee satisfaction plays a very important role in this.

Employee Satisfaction Defined

Employee satisfaction is a measurement used by the companies to know how happy the workers are with their jobs and the working environment. Keeping the employees happy has been study-proven to boost employee morale, which could lead to better production, lesser day offs, and establish loyalty.

There are many factors that affect employee satisfaction like:

  • Compensation. Generally, the higher the compensation, the more satisfied employees will be. However, it should not just be high but also reasonable.
  • Benefits. Employees expect law-mandatory benefits so these are not really contributory to higher employee satisfaction. Companies offering above-standard benefits are most likely to keep employees satisfied.
  • Work place. Keeping the employees with high morale is very helpful. With that, it means providing them with comfortable and clean environment. Don’t just give them a desk and a computer. Give them something that will make them feel comfortable. Don’t just offer a pantry but make the pantry homey—that one with access to clean water, coffee, and maybe some foods. Don’t just provide a comfort room but make sure it is clean all the time.
  • Recognition. Employees need to know whether they are doing fine or not. What’s the sense of doing better at work if there is no recognition? Having awards like employee of the month can boost healthy competition that will be helpful for both the company and the employees.
  • Company activities. Sometimes, it’s not really the work but the people you work with who make you happy in a company. Developing a bond that is beyond the working environment will be achieved by holding company activities like outing or parties.

Using these factors, the company can already start measuring the employee satisfaction through a variety of ways.

Methods of Measuring Employee Satisfaction

There are a variety of ways to measure employee satisfaction. Generally, the company has the option to let a third party do the job or have the measuring within the company. Whatever you choose is fine for as long as you’ll stick with the purpose. Here are some ways of measuring employee satisfaction:

  • Survey. Anonymous survey will give employees more freedom to express what they really feel about the company.
  • Interview. Regular interviews and exit interviews can both give you data of how satisfied employees are. Interview with team leaders is a good alternative if you have many employees.
  • Forum. Employees will be given higher morale if the company is listening to their concerns. This can be done in a forum. Everyone can share their concerns about the company and everyone can suggest things for better company-employee relationship.

It may be costly to keep employee satisfaction at a high level. But every wise businessman knows how important this is. It’s a good investment, too, because a happy employee makes a happy profit.


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