How To Buy Blank Plastic Cards

Plastic cards are widely used everyday, but they are typically overlooked. Credit cards, ATM cards and IDs all use plastic cards. There are different suppliers of plastic cards online. There are also different varieties of plastic cards that you can choose from. These cards can be made from different materials and are available in different colors. Some of these manufacturers of blank plastic cards also offer printing.

Here's how to access some of the websites that sell blank plastic cards:

  1. – This website sells custom printed, blank and generic PVC cards. They also offer card printing services on the website. This website offers one of the lowest prices for cards. If you plan on purchasing bulk orders, the price of each card will only amount to $0.06. There are also a lot of different colors of cards that you can choose from on this website.
  2. - There is a variety of blank PVC cards that you can choose from on this website. The dimensions of the card are 2 1/8 x 3 3/8. You can choose the thickness of the cards that you are going to order. The thicknesses available are 10 mil, 15 mil, 20 mil, 24 mil and 30 mil. You can also choose to have your cards printed with magnetic strips. There are also card printers available on the website.
  3. - This website offers different types of cards including jumbo cards, suits cards and marked cards. Kem cards are also available. This is the card used in most playing cards. The cards on this website are durable and best used for printing, stamping and photo imaging. The minimum number of cards you can purchase from the website is 500. You can choose the color that you want your cards to come in.
  4. – This website offers plastic cards and printing services for businesses or for personal use. The range of their products includes business cards, membership cards, transparent cards, ID badges, gift cards and a lot more. The website offers superior service. You can also have your blank cards upgraded to cards with magnetic strips, signature panels, numbering or bar codes.
  5. - This website offers quality blank plastic cards. The cost of each card is displayed on the website together with the color and the pieces of cards for bulk orders. The prices significantly decrease as the number of cards ordered increases. They also have neck chains, lanyards and badge holders available on the website.

These are some of the best websites that offer blank plastic cards for reasonable prices. Before buying blank plastic cards, you might want to check the different websites first before placing your order so that you can compare the prices, colors available and the quality of the cards. Most of these websites offer shipping on the same day if the order is placed early in the day. Shopping for these cards is more convenient online, as it does not require you to leave your place. However, you might also want to go to the shops personally so you can see for yourself and inspect the types of cards that they carry.


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