How To Buy Cheap Call Cards

One option for you to save money on calls is to buy call cards. An international call card is for people who make a lot of international calls. An international call card customer will be given a discounted, flat per-minute rate that costs infinitely less than what phone providers would offer in exchange for the same service. Here are tips on how to get a card online:

  1. Search for different international call card rates and compare these rates with those of other international call card companies. You can easily do this by making use of Telcobusters's comparison tool. Additionally, when you buy an international call card, make sure that your card allows you to make calls to specific countries. Phone Card Smile cards, for example, will allow you to connect your calls to places that can be found in India, Punjab and Asia.
  2. Check not only the rates but also the other charges related to getting an international call card. There are companies that might offer you smaller rates, but charge a higher activation or connection fee than others.
  3. You can purchase your international call card from Telcobusters or Phone Card Smile's website for calls within Asia. After you have sent your payment information, you will be sent an access number and a pin code to the e-mail address that you provided. Do not reveal these numbers lightly to anyone, since anyone who knows these numbers would be able to make a call at your expense.

But if you do not, in fact, make frequent international calls, you can get yourself a prepaid card instead. This is what you need to do:

  1. Talk to someone from your telephone or wireless phone provider concerning available long-distance or international call plans so you can get information on what is covered by your current service and what additional options are open for you. You can then compare these options and their rates per call with what is being offered by other phone providers. Try to find out which prepaid card provider offers the cheapest long-distance calls.
  2. If you find a company with a better long-distance plan compared to your provider, you can either switch services or ask the second provider about the options that you have and whether or not you can use their calling card with your existing plan.
  3. Try to search for cards that target the specific region that you will mostly be calling to, since these usually offer the least expensive option. If you have to make international calls, look for a card that is made especially for that country or that region of the world that you're calling.
  4. Find out how the rates differ for one calling card. Most calling cards offer different rates, which depend on the time of the day when you made your call, and would actually charge you more during peak hours. Try to choose a card that offers you the lowest rates, or you can conserve your calls and not use your card at peak hours.


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