How To Find Auctions for Packaging Equipment

Nowadays, large companies - especially those that produce consumer goods - are constantly in search of high quality packaging equipment since these are highly valuable in the production process of certain goods, such as those products that go through the assembly line. Packaging equipment comes in different varieties such as filling machines, capping machines, induction sealers, shrink tunnels and a more. Since this important equipment have very competitive prices, it would be better to find auctions for packaging equipment instead of buying them straight from manufacturers at steep prices.

  1. ProPack - This company mainly auctions packaging equipment that has been previously used by renowned companies like Unilever. Customers have an option to bid online, which makes it very convenient. One of the packaging equipment that is up for auction is the Popcorn Bidding. They have a general rule when it comes to the auction process. They are willing to extend the bidding process for 5 minutes if there are still more bids within 5 minutes of the close of the auction. Speaking of the close time, this will be indicated on the site. They do not limit the total number of time extensions, making the system very flexible.
  2. Global Biopharm - This company generally auctions biotech and pharmaceutical packaging equipment used for research and development studies. The majority of the items that are readily available for auction include the casepacker, palletizer, liquid handling systems and lab equipments. All these assets were previously products of very renowned companies such as Merck & Co., Bristol-Myers Squibb and Eli Lily.
  3. Astra Zeneca AB - This Sweden-based company does online auctions for a wide range of pharmaceutical packaging machinery that come in various sizes, forms and shapes. Three of the main products up for auction include packaging equipment, conveyors and doors, which are all useful in the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. Novatech - In the United Kingdom, Novatech is famous for being manufacturers and suppliers of used process equipment as well as packaging equipment. Among the items featured in its online auction are filling lines, granulators, extruders, gravil cappers, bed dryer, cap tighteners, tube fillers, dedusters and also blister packaging equipments. What makes this company more popular among customers is that they do not charge any fee for equipment that is loaded for transport except for those that are inside containers.
  5. Wohl Associates - This family-owned business based in New York has been in operation for 75 years. They specialize in high quality pre-owned processing and packaging equipment that are all under a stock inventory process, hence, assuring customers of readily available products and prompt shipment. Its website has a very comprehensive list of new inventory arriving almost on a daily basis such as flexible packaging, filling machines, blister packaging machines and a lot more. It is no wonder why this long-standing company is the top choice for most smart customers.

Searching for the right company that will supply the right packaging equipment through auction is such a difficult task because there are thousands of companies all over the world and the prices are very competitive. It is therefore important to first do a background check on the companies in order to ensure that you receive good quality products and excellent service.


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