How To Find Projector Screen Rentals

Projector screens are commonly used to reflect images and videos for the viewing benefit of spectators. You will see them mostly in conference rooms, schools and theatres. Gain is one special property of home theater projector screens and something that you should consider when buying one for your home. But not all people can afford to buy a projector screen because they are expensive. Thankfully, there are rental companies that provide projector screens at affordable prices.

Here is the list of rental companies that you can find online:

  1. All Time Favorites. They provide a comprehensive list of projector screen rental companies. You can request free price quotes and details from various projector screen rental merchants. Simply fill out a form and All Time Favorites will give you a list of companies available for your party, wedding or business event.
  2. Source 1 Rentals. They provide different types of projector screen rentals and other necessities such as audio rentals, computer rentals, monitor rentals, printer rentals and projector rentals. You can rent a Plasma projector screen, LCD projector screen, Tripod screen, Fastfold screen and Pullup screens. Wide projector screens are perfect for big gatherings like trade show events and weddings with more than 150 guests. You can easily get free price quotes by hitting the "quote me" button or by calling 714-429-0155.
  3. Meeting Tomorrow. They provide a wide range of fastfold and tripod screens. You can also rent camcorders, desktops, laptops, MAC computer rentals, microphones, monitors, printers, projectors, speakers, sound systems and tablet PC rentals.
  4. EZAV - Projector screen rentals range from $55- $100. Special projector screen rate discounts are offered for long term rentals. You can also rent audio, AV, editing systems, projectors and video cameras. Call 866-595-3368 for more details.
  5. Village Voice.  Rent projectors, projector screens and sound systems available for birthdays, weddings and other events.
  6. Outdoor-Movies. They provide outdoor inflatable airscreen movie screen rentals for big events such as concerts and film festivals. They have the largest outdoor projector screen in the United States with a projection surface measuring 100'x45'.
  7. MCR Rental Solutions. They provide portable projector screens and draper projector screens. They can deliver projector screens to Canada, the USA and other countries. You can also rent audiovisual equipment, computers, laptops, photocopiers, printers and paper shredders. Installation and set up is included in the package.
  8. Rent Fusion. They provide equipment for rent such as projection screens and AV carts. You can view the specs of each product and get the best projection screen for your birthday, wedding or corporate event.
  9. Avista Rentals. They provide a high quality projector screen with stand and other accessories at an affordable price. Audio equipment and overhead projectors are also available for rental.

There are many rental companies that can provide projector screens and other accessories at reasonable prices. If you can afford to buy one for your home or office, make sure to buy a high quality projector screen in a reliable store.


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