How To Find Sample Business Contracts

A contract is a legal agreement that is bound by federal law. A contract can either be written or oral as long as the provided service is legal. A written contract, also called implied, is a contract wherein the agreement is written on a document. An oral or express contract on the other hand, uses words to express the terms and agreement included in the contract.

Contracts are basically documentary forms in which the person involved needs to fill out necessary information and also put their signature as an agreement to it. There are different types of contracts that vary and are categorized based on their use.

Here are some of the types of contracts.

  • Marriage contract - It is a type of contract that is used in marriage and serves as a legal proof if a couple is really married or not. It contains the swearing of the couple that they will live together till death as well as their duties for each other. It also contains the prohibitions that should not be committed by either one of the couple.
  • Sales contract - This is used when there is an exchange of goods and properties of two different parties. It includes a contract clause that prevents inviolability of sales or sales that don't pay taxes.
  • Lease/rental contract - It includes the policy and agreement between the owner and the one renting an item, either a car or a house. It is commonly used in leasing condominiums and apartments.
  • Loan commitment contract - It basically contains the rules and policies in paying the loan and corresponding punishments if not followed.
  • Employment contract - It is used as a proof that a person is accepting the job and is thereby required to follow the policy and agreement set upon by the company. This might also include the benefits that you can get from the company, your salary and your length of stay in the company.
  • Business contract - This is a consultant agreement that includes promises of a business to perform and also includes their agreement to render quality goods and services.

A business contract is the most common type of contract and is used in various ways. The information included in the contract depends on what kind of business is being put up and what services and goods it offers.

Due to the different possible business that can be established, there are several forms created. This is to comply with the business standards and policy and the information needed about the business. Business forms can also be made at home, and access to business forms has been made easy with the help of the Internet. You could just look up different business contract samples that suit your business best.

Here are some Web sites that provides free samples of business contracts.

  • The Web site gives sample contracts that can be downloaded and printed.
  • The Web site provides a variety of business contract samples based on what type of business you want to put up.
  • is a Web site that allows download of free business contract samples.
  • The Web site contains comprehensive collections of business contracts that are taken from other companies that have already been established.

Aside from these Web sites, there are other resources where you can get business contract samples. With these Web sites handy and available, making business contracts is made easy for everyone.


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