How To Know the History of Pink Business Newspapers

How many colors do we see on the pages of our newspapers? You may start counting the pages and thinking about the colors of the pages of the newspaper you have just finished reading. Yes, there are pink pages in a business newspaper.

When did it start to print on pink pages? In the 15th century, it was cheaper to dye newspaper pages to pink while it was too expensive to bleach the pages white. That was when the usage of pink color started on pages of some business newspaper. During those times, business newspapers are understood to be pink newspapers.  Today, white papers are cheaper than colored papers.

Pink newspapers bear articles related to business. No news item about killings and kidnappings could be found. Religion and politics have no space on any page. Business opportunities, stock markets and trading, foreign exchange news, and investments are the news items that abound the pages.

On these pink newspapers, the news articles were related to economic policies, economists, and policy makers. Although policies on corporate houses and business houses were found in the pink newspaper, some of its contents were of interest to common man or the lay people.

Evening sports newspapers were also printed on pink pages. With the advent of the Internet, we cannot find evening sports newspaper today. Instead, we browse the Internet pages for our sports news articles.

A giant US newspaper seeking to prevent other publishers to print on pink pages fought at least two court cases. These newspaper publishers were stopped to use pink pages on the basis of claims that high percentage of flesh pink deemed to look pornographic.

We love pink or a rose design on our china or through pillows. We love roses because maybe it reminds us of some old memories in the past. We love these flowers because they are pink. We look at pink as life. Birthday invitations usually are on pink papers.

However, pink newspaper pages can seldom be seen today. Our local newspapers do not have pink pages; magazines also do not have. Even our telephone directories do not have pink pages. They have yellow pages for business. Pink pages on our newspapers should not be removed. They give life to the paper and identify the categories of the articles included in the issue. Pink pages should be retained out of tradition.

Why have business newspapers use pink pages? Aside from our reasons mentioned earlier, other reasons why business newspapers use pink pages include the following: It is being a trademark for an article category like sports, being a tradition, and for budgetary reasons because in the earlier times, dying to pink was cheaper than bleaching the paper to white. Although it is not true anymore today, still we learned. If you still find some business newspapers printed in pink, even if white is cheaper than pink, the reason would be – out of tradition.


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