Write A Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Design
To design a successful marketing plan, begin by identifying products or services to be marketed. This isn't just a matter of knowing what the specific products or services are.  It's important to know how products or services fit into open market streams.  Of course, you can learn everything you need to know about marketing plan design by taking online courses in marketing.

Marketing differs from sales in that marketing involves knowing competitors and their volumes of sales.  Marketing can be defined as pre-sales strategies that move sales along: that is the primary function of marketing.  Without knowing who competitors are and what the volume of their sales may be, attempting a sales campaign may prove disastrous.

To properly formulate a successful marketing plan, a marketing study is the first step.  Study all of the data available on similar type products and services offered for sale. Learn what drives the sales of competitive offerings and pricing structures.  This is the essence of the marketing plan design - thorough knowledge of one's target market. Key to writing a marketing plan is the weight of knowledge as a foundation for a progressive plan that's simple to put into practice. Developing a marketing plan that is later ignored or hasn't been followed creates weak or inconsistent sales campaigns and nullifies the purpose of planning.

How to Write A Marketing Plan

Once all of the peripheral information has been acquired, learning how to write a marketing plan begins with a scope of implementation. Choose a specific time frame for commencement of the plan. List sales and marketing team members and each of their particular functions. Identify target markets for each member. Include resources for new sales as well as activating "resales", if applicable. Specify percentages of potential new sales and resales proportionately.  Define sales campaigns according to viability for a specified period of time.  Include options for changes incurred by unforeseen circumstances.  This gives the plan a measure of flexibility.

Defining Quotas
Marketing plans should contain structures for sales quotas as well as sales commission policies for sales and marketing team members.  Creating a plan for sales quotas is the engine that drives the marketing plan.  Quotas for sales are usually determined on individual sales volume as well as sales that fall within fiscal quarters.  It's a good idea to outline quotas when writing a marketing plan to insure sales volume expectations are met.

Marketing Budgets

When considering how to write a marketing plan, it's important to outline costs for advertising, promotion, publicity and other expenses related to logistics, strategies and implementation. To learn how to put together a really comprehensive marketing budget, consider attending some online marketing classes.


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