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  • How To Buy a Camcorder

    Buying a camcorder is difficult nowadays because there are many brands on the market. Here are some helpful tips on how to buy a suitable camcorder.
  • How To Clean Your DSLR Camera Sensor

    Situations may arise with your DSLR camera that can dirty the sensor. If this happens, here are some steps to cleaning your camera.
  • How To Find Ski Cams

    Viewing ski cams is important if you really want to make the most out of that ski vacation trip. Learn how to find ski cams for your favorite resorts.
  • How To Choose a CCTV System

    Nowadays, locks and bolts are not enough to keep the bad guys away. A CCTV System can provide the security that your home or business center needs.
  • How To Install a CCTV Camera System

    Once you have purchased a CCTV camera system, you need to install it. Professional technicians might cost you money and increase the security risk, so why not try...
  • Choosing Between HD and SD Camcorders

    When choosing between HD and SD camcorders, check the resolution, frame rate, bandwidth, and if the camcorder has interlaced or progressive frame display.
  • How To White-Balance Camcorders and Video Recorders

    Setting the white-balance on your camcorder or video recorder isn't nearly as confusing as you might as imagine, and the results are well worth the effort.
  • How To Spy On Friends with a Hidden Camera

    One of the main reasons why people use hidden cameras or nanny cam is to protect their children. There are other reasons for using it, like to check on a cheating...
  • How To Choose a "Home Theater in a Box"

    Home theater in a box is an all-in-one package form of home entertainment. This article explains how to choose one for your needs.
  • How To Understand Pixels and Megapixels

    This article explains the terms pixel and megapixel. They are commonly used terms related to digital imaging devices especially digital cameras and camcorders.
  • How To Take the Perfect Picture

    Digital technology has made it possible for even the most untrained photographer to capture great shots. Follow this guide on how to take the perfect picture.
  • How To Buy a Digital Camera

    How can you compare digital cameras in order to decide which one to buy for yourself? Let's explore the factors that influence how a digital camera responds and...
  • How To Capture Analog Video with a Digital Video Recorder

    I will tell you how to capture analog video with the use of a digital video recorder. Follow me, it's simple!
  • How To Record Fine Quality Audio for Your Home Movies

    When making home movies, it's so easy to record and film those unforgettable moments. But creating a good home video means a balance of video and audio.
  • How To Test an IR Remote Control with a Digital Camera

    This article illustrates how to do a basic testing of any IR remote control. Testing whether IR interface works can easily be done with a digital camera.
  • How To Take Better Digital Photos

    This how-to explains generally photography tips aimed to help you take better images with whatever digital camera you might have. Most of the these tips apply to...
  • How To Buy Camera Binoculars

    We live in a high tech world. You can tell just how high tech we've become by the combination gadgets available to us. MP3 player phones, PDA/GPS units, fishing...
  • How To Replace Digital Camera Battery Chargers: Digital Cameras

    Your digital camera battery charger isn't even part of your camera, but without it you can't get your digital camera to work - or at least not for more than a few...
  • How To Buy Underwater Cameras

    There are a number of reasons why you might want to buy an underwater camera. You might be planning a beach vacation, or perhaps you just want to be able to take...
  • How To Choose a Camera

    There are many reasons to buy a camera. Some people want a camera to help capture their lives and the lives of their family members. Others make a little extra cash...
  • How To Upgrade Your Digital Camera Memory

    One of the nicest features of a digital camera is the ability to upgrade the memory; a very easy process, upgrading the memory enables the user to take more pictures...
  • How To Buy Disposable Cameras

    Cameras can be expensive...especially if you just want to take a few pictures of a specific event or trip. Buying a digital camera can set you back several hundred...
  • How To Buy Digital Cameras

    It seems that just about everybody has a digital camera these days. They can be found on computers, in cell phones, and even on keychains (not to mention the cameras...
  • How To Buy Disposable Digital Cameras

    Disposable digital cameras are a really cool new technology that sound initially impractical, but work very well. This guide to buying a digital camera will explain...
  • How To Buy Camcorder Batteries

    If you have owned a video camera for a long period of time, you may have noticed your battery length slowly shortening over time. Fortunately new batteries have...
  • How To Edit Home Videos: Video Editing Software

    If you are a first time movie or home video editor, you already have most of the tools to get started and probably don't even know it. Fortunately, video editing has...