How To Find Insurance Sales Jobs

A job in the insurance sales industry can be exciting and rewarding, but most of all - fun!  After all, you get to spend every day meeting new people, and helping to protect them from financial distress.  The hours are great, usually just eight hours a day, forty hours a week, although if you need more flexible hours, that can usually be arranged, too.  So, how do you go about finding one of these almost-perfect jobs?  Keep reading!

  1. First, try a job search website which is devoted to the insurance industry, such as Insurance Workforce or Insurance JobChannel.  Here, you can sort through insurance jobs by specialty, such as sales, adjusting, auditing, etc., as well as by location.
  2. Try some of the larger, broad-spectrum job search websites, such as HotJobs, CareerBuilder or Monster.  These all have categories devoted to positions in the insurance industry.  In some cases, sales positions may be listed as insurance agents or brokers, but the job responsibilities are the same.
  3. Look on the websites of major insurance carriers, such as Allstate or American Family.  Insurance carriers are always looking for intelligent, outgoing salespeople to sell their products.  For a complete listing of insurance carriers, check the National Securities Clearing Corporation's (NSCC) list.
  4. Talk to your own insurance agent!  He will have invaluable advice on job-hunting in the insurance sales field, and may even know of some sales positions in which you may be interested.  Who knows, you may end up working in his office!
  5. As always, check the classifieds.  More than one potential salesperson has found the perfect position just by faithfully checking the newspaper each day.

In no time at all, you'll have a list of more insurance sales jobs than you have time to apply for!  Narrow it down by being very clear about what you would like your job responsibilities to be.  Some sales positions involve after-hours meetings with clients, some salespeople travel frequently, and others spend the majority of their time on the phone.  By knowing what you want and expect, you'll be more likely to find a position that will satisfy you over the long run.


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