How To Become a Dental Tech

So you are interested in working as a dental technician; that is a great choice for a career. Dental technicians have great working hours and you get to work in a lab using your inner talents. Let's get a better understanding of what types of dental labs are out there for people who want to work in this field, and the type of work a dental technician performs.

All dental laboratories perform the same work of manufacturing dental appliances, what is different is the size of the workplace. First, there are larger dental labs that employ anywhere up to a couple hundred people, and then, there are smaller independent labs that employ only five to ten employees. You need to decide on which type of workplace will be right for you once you have the training or schooling required.

When a person goes to the dentist for dental work, they may be told a crown, partial, bridge, veneers, or dentures may be needed. The dentist will take an impression of their teeth, once the impression is completed, the dental assistant will take this impression and make a mold of the patients upper or lower teeth. Once the mold is set, the dentist will write out specific instructions for the dental lab on what type of dental prosthetic is needed, shade color of tooth, and time frame they would like to have the appliance back. It will be your job as a dental technician to follow the dentists instructions, and make the appliance that is requested.

To be a dental technician, you need to have a keen eye as you will need to identify various shades of a color as the shades of color vary ever so slightly, that it is possible to make an error. You will need to have an artistic ability, as you will be doing intricate work when making dental appliances. Dexterity is a must, as you will be performing work with your hands.

To become a dental technician some dental laboratories do not require any vocational or college training, as they are willing to train the right individual. If you wish to be certified as a dental technician, you can acquire the education you need at any dental school college, community college, technical institutes or vocational schools. There are some colleges that offer online schooling for people interested in becoming a dental technician, offering flexible schooling for people who do not have time to attend regular college. The time frame to complete the course for dental technician is generally two years for an associate degree or dental technician certificate. If you want to pursue a bachelor's degree there are some four year programs in which you can enroll.


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