How To Become a Male Fashion Model

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It seems that the most famous models out there are female. Everyone from Janice Dickinson to Chanel Iman and her contemporaries rock the fashion world with their looks, their catwalk saunters, and their trademark style. You see them on magazine covers, in prints ads, on television and even in movies. You gaze at them as they walk the runway with seemingly limitless grace. Male models seem to take the backstage to the top female supermodels of the industry. 

Male fashion models play an important, if still less recognized role in the fashion industry. What female models do for women's fashion, so too, male models do for men's fashion. The clothes on every man's back right now wouldn't be the way they are if not for the likes of Tyson Beckford and his peers (thank you, Tyson).

If you're looking to become a male fashion model, get ready for a lot of hard work. It takes a lot of persistence and dedication to make it in the industry as a model. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Are your numbers right? There are certain industry standards for female fashion models, and the same goes for male models. In general, the majority of male models stand between 5 feet 11 inches tall to around 6 feet 2 inches. Their weight hardly ever goes over 175 pounds. Models tend to start young, and the prime age group for starting male models is 18 to 25 years old. Their careers can endure well into their forties, as men tend to age well.
  2. Stay in shape. You'll want to have a lean, well-toned body. The fashion industry wants its male models to look healthy and physically fit. You needn't work out too much, either; bodybuilder physiques don't get many modeling jobs. Maintain your shape with regular exercise, concentrating more on good definition rather than increasing bulk.
  3. Go to where the action's at. You'll have higher chance of landing a modeling gig in cities where the fashion industry is more active. If you want to try your hand a making it in the country's modeling mecca, start your career in New York City. Stay in the center of the modeling world where you can feel its pulse and find out where other good jobs are.
  4. Build a portfolio. As you work on your career and apply for jobs, a good portfolio will prove to be indispensable. Invest in professionally-taken shots for your best looks and be sure to have a variety of looks for prospective employers to choose from.
  5. Find an agent. A reputable agent can do wonders for you. Do some research on the best modeling agencies in your area and avail of the services of the one who you feel is best for you. Good agents will find you quality jobs and help you climb up the industry ladder.
  6. Stick to it. Don't let rejection get you down. Some of today's top male models lost more than a few jobs when they were first starting out. The things that kept them going were their desire to succeed, and the willpower to persist. Whatever you do, if you're truly serious about being a male fashion model, you've got to keep trying.


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