How To Get Art School Graduate Careers

Some of the most in demand jobs today are those that need graduates of art school with degrees such as in the visual arts, graphic design, interior design, animation and media arts, game and art design and photography. Every industry has a place for art degree holders.

  1. Print, television and radio media. This industry needs illustrators, storyboard artists and layout artists. Aside from pen and paper, artists in this industry also collaborate with writers, directors and producers on how they will package a show and print out a magazine in a way that will sell and provide people with the information and entertainment that they need.
  2. Fashion and garments. Becoming a fashion designer is a prestigious job and is one of the top industries that employ a lot of graduates with art school degrees. Courses from an art university also prepare their graduates to run businesses, which is very important in the fashion industry. Aside from designing clothes, accessories, and coming up with the best make-up, there are also runway shows to organize, retail and wholesale stores to manage and manufacturers to deal with. This industry does not only cover clothes, but also accessories like hats, bags, belts, jewelry, shoes, socks and scarves that come with the clothes.
  3. Advertising. The world of advertising boasts of the best artists and designers, since it covers TV media, fashion and animation. The best artists are able to create catchy and meaningful ads that not only sell the brand, but immortalize the brand as well.
  4. Gaming and interactive media. Online games are very popular nowadays, and it is the result of the work of programmers and artists that develop the game from scratch. Animation artists, 3-D illustrators, video post-production artists, broadcast graphic designers and game designers all work together with computer programmers to come up with the latest games that both kids and adults enjoy.
  5. Theater, animation and film. Art classes do not end in grade school. In theater, the artists that design and create the props may seem like they are just completing an art project, but it takes a solid foundation to be able to work in theater as a stage designer. Aside from live stage shows, animation and cartoons have a lot of graphic design in them, and today, almost all movies have incorporated some degree of animation in them. Films would not be as good as they are now if not for these professionals from an art college.
  6. Home and interior design. Interior design schools usually focus on creating a home, office or any kind of building interior that fits the taste and personality of the homeowner. Details from wallpaper design to furniture and picture frames are considered by the interior designer. Even office dividers, cubicles, floor tiles and window blinds are considered by the interior designer to make sure everything fits the company's image and needs.
  7. Traditional art. Painting, sculpting and drawing are the most thought of professions when one speaks of an art school. While most people agree that only a few can excel and make a living from painting and sculpting, a lot of people still pursue it not for the profit, but more for expressing one's self.


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