How To Get Careers in Animation

So you'd like to be the next Walt Disney or maybe you're dreaming of having your own Warner Bros. A career in animation will be your first step to making your dream cartoon, of course that is, after attending classes. Who knows, you might be a part of the creative team to work on the next Simpsons.

It is a good thing that our multimedia world is demanding more animators. You can find your career in films, the Internet, television, multimedia production, architecture, visualization, interior design, and a lot more after a year or two of training in school or college.

  1. 2-D Animator. Yes, you can still work as a 2-D animator in this 3-D world. It's still worth it to start being a 2-D animator since this is an important training for 3-D animation and other careers in animation. If you want to have this career, you'll need to develop your drawing skills through life drawing, making compositions, and doing courses on perspective. You may even be tasked for character design, doping, slugging, storyboarding, modeling, and animation.
  2. 3-D Animator. Your work as a 3-D animator will most likely be as that of 2-D animators-only that you'll have to spend more time working with computers. 3-D animators also do drawing, character design, composition, and a lot more. They will do modeling, lighting, and texturing also. But all these will be done in a 3-D environment, usually with a help of a special computer program.
  3. Inbetweener. You can start your career in animation through helping animators and  their assistants do their tasks. This may not seem to be a very promising job to start off with, but being an inbetweener is a very important step for advancement in a career in animation. You'll be trained and learn more from the great animators and animation assistants you will deal with.
  4. Layout Artist. If you can't do well on character creation, then a layout artist's job will be perfect for you. Layout artists are in-charge of creating the background of animation to make the animation come alive. Layouts should be done meticulously because these are important for the positioning as well as the animation's perspective.
  5. Storyboard Artist. This is perhaps the most challenging career in animation. As a storyboard artist, you'll be tasked for cutting, pasting, drawing, quick sketching, and a lot more. All these tasks need to be perfectly right for the story's script. More than the manual work, storyboard artists need to work with their brain well also. They need to plan the shots, visualize the story, and maintain the continuity of the shots.

Your work will surely be fun-filled though each of these careers requires a great deal of creativity. You'll have the chance to interact with many creative minds and learn from them. It will even be better than attending training in schools or colleges.

But before you become a great animator for any of these careers, you should still get a good grounding from formal education. Worry no more about this because a lot of schools are now offering animation courses. There are also animation courses online, in case you don't have time to go to regular classes everyday.


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