How To Get Careers in Law Enforcement

Careers in federal law enforcement are at a record breaking high. Crime rates are increasing all over the country. Everyday we hear about robbery, murder, assault, illegal abuse and so on. Security levels have also been heightened as an aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. With so much danger present, we need more people to protect the public from society's bad elements.  This is why criminal law has become more rigid in response to law cases involving felony.

You can do your share in protecting the nation's safety by becoming a law enforcer. The career is very fulfilling, plus you'll receive an excellent pay package with lots of benefits.

Being an FBI agent is one of the most prestigious yet dangerous careers in law enforcement. FBI agents investigate crimes and will not stop at anything to bring a suspect to justice. They are the nation's frontrunners against national and international threat. They use highly advanced tools and technology to conduct their investigations. Because of the high risks that come with the job, the FBI needs more special agents and support personnel to help them carry out the agency's mission. They need support personnel such as scientists, language specialists, intelligence analysts, information technology specialists and other technical professionals.

Another career is that of a police officer. A police officer's main duty is to keep the local county/city/state safe. He - or she - works alongside the public to solve crimes and implement local and state laws. Policemen make sure that their cities/states are safe from criminal minds. Due to the increase in pay and benefits, more people are entering this career field. If you want to have a badge as a police officer, you have to have a degree from a police school, or experience as a military police officer. 
Becoming a U.S. marshal is another exciting job. Marshals tracks down fugitives and see to it that they can be brought to trial. Marshals belong to the nation's main fugitive hunting agency. This agency can find more fugitives than all other national law enforcement agencies. The requirements in getting into the service might be tough considering their position in crime prevention. Meanwhile, a forensic analyst makes use of the most advanced medical technology to keep evidence from crimes scenes and have it examined later. He provides leads on the crime based on this evidence. Forensic experts work alongside the police or the FBI agents to piece together the clues to resolve a crime. 

State troopers patrol the highways to implement the motoring laws and regulations. They are also called highway patrol officers or state police officers. Many states like Georgia and Oklahoma are in desperate need of state troopers. Meanwhile, a US customs agent makes sure that no weapons of terrorism can enter the territory. He is also in charge of the smooth flow of trade goods and helps account for all taxes due for the goods that come in.

There are many other fascinating careers in law enforcement that are not listed here. You can check the Internet for more of these exciting job listings. 


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