How To Develop Organizational Skills

If you are surrounded by clutter, either at work or at home, then chances are you need to develop some serious organizational skills.  The sooner you do that, the more in control of your life you will feel.  This feeling of control extends from your personal life into your business life.  Developing your organizational skills will enhance and improve both your outlook and time management in your personal life, as well as enhance performance in your work.  Both of these improvements will translate into less stress and more productivity in your life in general and is a goal well worth achieving right now!

Start at home with your messiest room.  Your home office is likely a prime starting target.  If you don't already have a file cabinet or file folder box, get one.  Set up files for bills, legal, medical, car and other insurance and so on.  Then use them.  If you have numerous papers you need to save that don't fit into one or two specific categories, then label one file miscellaneous.  Really look through all other paper clutter to determine if you really need to save it.

If your house is messy due to clothes scattered or children's play items, labeled boxes and bins are the way to go.  Kid's items can be stored in colorful boxes and bins in their room or playroom, laundry hampers made out of various materials, shoe holders that hang in the closet, and various other methods.  You can even use some of these items in your own bedroom.  Toss or donate clothing items not worn in over two years to free up drawer and closet space.  Then you will have room to store odd items that you don't want to get rid of but that clutter up your room.  Store keepsakes not on display in your garage.

This simple start will make you feel so good you'll be anxious to get to work to making some organizational changes.  It's just as easy to get your work space clutter free.  By doing so and further developing your organizational skills, your work attitude and environment will improve while your stress level drops.  Making a schedule and sticking with it is extremely important in getting your work organized.  You can use your computer to help with sorting out and arranging these tasks.  Strategically placed storage boxes that match your office decor can also be used.  Keep your desk and in/out tray neat and professional looking.


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