How To Get Express News Jobs in the US

With global recession in our midst, many people are losing jobs. However, one area of the economy that has been barely hit with the recession is the online news industry. While print news has been struggling due to manpower costs and the rising cost of print advertising coupled with lower readership, news strikes and layoffs seem to dominate their own headlines. Online express news is an easy way to check out the news, with breaking news updated as they happen, whereas this was impossible during the heyday of print media. With the growth of this industry, several jobs have become available.

  1. Online Assistant Editor. An online assistant editor is a job for anyone with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. They are required to copyread and proofread articles sent over by e-mail or file sharing from the editor-in-chief. Their work is to normally check for errors in the articles like grammar, spelling, and house style. They may also be assigned to specific sections of news depending on their experience and skills. Some online classifieds look for Assistant Editors to manage certain areas like auto news, group news, or even entertainment and magazine news. They may sometimes turn into ghostwriters depending on how well they write articles. However, factual checking may be difficult for editors on the other side of the globe, especially if articles were written about an event somewhere else.
  2. Layouter. Open to most people with degrees in Information Technology with knowledge of CSS and HTML, layouters are people who regularly design and update the webpage. They normally have enough administrative access to the websites to allow them to change URL links, however, major changes in normally hotlinked stories like the ones in headline news and community news are subject to the approval of the shift editor or even the editor-in-chief.
  3. Freelance Writer. With the pioneering of amateur journalism on online express news sites and television, several jobs for freelance writing have opened up. Freelance writers may work at home, reporting on firsthand or secondhand news on a local or international scale. There is a current demand for regional reporters who are willing to go out in the field and do presswork. If the express news site is local, they may even write up and accommodate obituaries and classifieds locally, increasing their readership. Freelance writers may also serve as ghostwriters, if need be, being named as someone else or anonymous. However, many legal prerequisites are required for this type of work.

Online express news sites benefit from their international exposure and cheap upkeep. With advertisements being offered at $0.50 per hit, this covers both the cheaper outsourced pay and the site upkeep itself. Businesses and many local print media are opting to go online-only because of its allure and the subjected rise in profit due to the lowering costs. Classifieds and listings have appeared in several websites such as with rising demand for these types of individuals.


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