How To Find a Landscape Architect Job Description

Who needs to find a job description for a landscape architect? The job description is useful for two groups of people with very different needs:

A student who is exploring landscape architecture as a possible career choice benefits from understanding what a landscape architect does, and reviewing the educational requirements and job responsibilities to determine personal suitability. Upon review of the job description, the student will better understand the personal traits and professional skills demanded of landscape architects.

Finding and reviewing a job description is indispensable research for a potential client who is considering whether to engage the services of a landscape architect, whether on a permanent basis or for a specific project. The information gives the client a much better grasp of the personal and professional qualities demanded of a landscape architect. The information can be useful not only in screening candidates and weighing their qualifications but in developing an actual job description for a specific position.

A simple online search provides easy access to websites that contain relevant job description information for a landscape architect.

A good starting point is the website of the American Association of Landscape Architects. A click on the "About Us" button yields a definition of landscape architecture and a list of the types of projects landscape architects handle.

Another helpful web site is Clicking on "Job Description" on the menu bar at the top of the page takes the searcher to a "Job Description Search Tool." Inserting the words "landscape architect" in the keyword search (number 2) brings results that provide detailed information on job tasks and knowledge, education and skill requirements for a career as a landscape architect.

The lovetoknow website is a valuable resource. Upon doing a site search for "landscape architect,"  the first search result is "Landscape architect job description." Click on that. The site provides an overview of specific duties landscape architects perform. Prospective landscape architects are also given information on educational and professional requirements and working conditions.

Another job description worth viewing for landscape architect is available on the website, The job description can be found by doing a site search for "job description landscape architect." The results of the search include information on salary, working conditions, the architect-client dialogue, educational and training requirements and working conditions.

Finding a job description for a landscape architect is a fast and easy process.


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