How To Find the Requirements to Become a Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters, otherwise known as bail recovery agents, are tasked with tracking and arresting fugitives running from the law. Usually bounty hunters are either bail bondsmen or work for bail bondmen since it's the bondsman's job to ensure that the criminal appears in court after being released from jail on bond.

This is an extremely dangerous field of employment, but for a top notch professional, it is also lucrative.  There are certain things that bounty hunters cannot do, such as represent themselves as police officers or gain entry into secured premises in order to make arrests; however, a resourceful agent can apprehend fugitives without breaking laws.

In order to become a bounty hunter, an individual must go through a series of steps, including pursuing a higher education degree, which are outlined below.

  1. Obtain a degree in criminology, criminal justice, or law enforcement from an accredited two or four-year institution.  This will help you understand how to properly perform your job.
  2. Learn a foreign language.  In this day and time, English may still be the main language in the United States, but many times you will encounter fugitives that speak other languages.  Depending on the area in which you plan to work, you may wish to learn Spanish, Cantonese, Urdu, or one of many other languages.
  3. Enroll in and complete a course in bounty hunting.  These are often offered through local community colleges or vocational institutes. This course is required in order to obtain licensure for bounty hunting.
  4. Enroll in and complete the twelve-hour bail education course.  This is also required in order to obtain licensure for bounty hunting.
  5. Depending on whether or not you intend to carry a firearm, you may wish to take a firearm safety course and apply for a concealed weapons permit.  This will ensure that your firearm is completely legal and that you know how to use it safely.
  6. Complete the bounty hunting licensure test.

Becoming a bounty hunter is not as simple as you might think.  There are many educational requirements that you must complete to do the job well - you can fulfill many of these through online coursework - and the inherent danger in arresting people who do not wish to return to jail is also a major concern.  But if a fast-paced, adrenaline-infused job that requires odd hours, thinking on your feet, and trusting your instincts is what you seek, then this is the job for you.


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