How To Find Fraud Investigator Training

A fraud investigator is the one who is responsible for investigating and confirming fraudulent acts that may occur in companies, businesses and also on the Internet. It is the job of a fraud investigator to protect the people from these frauds. There are a lot of areas covered by a fraud investigator. In order to be one, you must have a degree related to the field and also pass the training course for being a fraud investigator. There are a number of organizations and security companies that offer fraud investigator training.

Here are some of the companies that provide fraud investigator training courses:

  1. ACFE - This is the website for ACFE or Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. There are training courses on this website in order to be a fraud examiner. The training course covers different aspects of fraud detection including fraud prevention, fraud detection and fraud deterrence. The qualification and certification process can be found on the website. You can take training courses online or on site. The benefit of taking training online is that you can save time and effort.
  2. Investigation Training Institute - There are different courses that are available from this website. The courses cover different topics, such as training in detection and proving of fraudulent acts in businesses and government agencies. The people who can attend these courses include investigators, accountants or insurance investigators, security investigators or private detectives, criminal investigators and fraud examiners. This training course will help these people to protect the welfare of the community against fraudulent acts.
  3. US Department of Justice - They offer training courses for different areas in fraud. You must check back constantly to see if there are new training courses available. Currently, the training course available is for Grant Fraud. This course is being developed together with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center or FLETC.
  4. Eversheds International - This website provides different training courses for different fields. There is a fraud investigator training that covers topics such as basic fraud response, fraud problems and solutions, basic investigation techniques, asset tracing and recovery issues and putting together an evidence pack. You can also contact the company if you want the training course to cover topics that cater to your needs.
  5. - This website is a search engine for different training courses in many different fields of expertise. They have a Crime and Fraud Investigation Training that deals with topics such as surveillance, crime intelligence, investigation and management of fraud, interviewing and interrogation, statement analysis and detection of forgery.

These are some of the websites that offer different training courses that are related to fraud investigation. There are different topics that are covered in the different training courses. You must choose a training course that will best help you in your career as a fraud investigator. For this type of training, it would be better to experience on site training instead of online training.


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