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Blackwater Security USA is a private military and protective services contractor established in 1997 and headquartered in Moyock, North Carolina.  The company markets its private military and security services to the United States government, as well as to the governments of other countries.  In February 2009, the company notified its employees that it would begin operating under the name "Xe" presumably to distance it from the controversial aspects of some of the company's operations in Iraq.  Blackwater Security (or Xe) also operates the largest private tactical training center in the United States, its United States Training Center.  The facility features distinctive training ranges, exceptional tactical training areas and training support.

Blackwater Security Employment Opportunities

Blackwater advertises numerous salaried positions at varied locations throughout the United States and the world.  Positions are available in Legal, Human Resources, Facility Services, Marketing, Training&Operations and Logistics.  Particular qualifications for the positions vary according to the specific position of interest.  The position that many identify with Blackwater security employment is that of the "operative". Operatives serve as independent contractors rather than employees of Blackwater.

Basic Qualifications for Operatives

Blackwater Security has a three-tier system for operatives.  Tier 1 involves specialties in areas such as hostage rescue, close quarter battle, structure penetration, intelligence collection, explosive ordnance disposal, reconnaissance and surveillance and sniper/counter-sniper operations. Tier 2 primarily involves areas such as force protection and executive close protection.  Tier 3 involves logistical specialties.  Given the nature of the types of services that Blackwater provides, they naturally seek individuals who have very specific related skills and experience.  The basic qualifications for consideration as a Blackwater operative include the following.

  • U.S. citizenship and a current passport
  • High school diploma
  • 20 -55 years of age
  • A current complete physical within the past 6 months with a clean bill of health
  • Height/weight proportional
  • No felony, violent crime or domestic violence history
  • No DUI or illegal drug use history during the previous 7 years
  • No bankruptcies or credit delinquencies during the previous 7 years
  • 4 - 8 years of active duty experience in a U.S. military Combat Arms specialty (some positions require a combination of military and law enforcement experience)

Applying for Blackwater Employment

Application for Blackwater employment is made with a detailed resume
transmitted electronically in Microsoft Word format to the email address
provided in specific Blackwater jobs advertisements. Advertisements
for current openings are located at


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