How To Get CCNA Training

You want to change careers, or perhaps you want to go further in your current computer field. The CCNA may open doors that advanced training and certification can bring to you. The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) shows that the technician has ability to work on medium-sized networks routers and switches. They should demonstrate the ability to install, configure, and operate network operating systems and tools. They should also know how to operate with remote connections in a WAN.

You need to inventory your skills before you try to pursue your CCNA training. You should have some experience in networking and should have the Comptia A+ or Network+. If you do not have experience in the networking field, or the base certifications, you should consider getting them. The certifications will help you understand what is contained in the CCNA training guides as well as what to expect from the test.

You are going to need to look into preparing for your tests. This is where things can often become intimidating. Many colleges offer classes to prepare you for the test. There are countless books and websites that also help to prepare you. Not all of these methods are the same. It is important that you understand the differences between these methods to find the ones that are best for you.

Classes and boot camps are the best method of CCNA training. Classes typically take longer, while boot camps are very intensive and assume that the participants have a certain level of knowledge. If you do not have experience, boot camps may not be for you. They are expensive and do not review basics. Classes may take longer, but they do allow you to develop the skill sets you may be lacking. Both options have the advantage of experienced instructors that you can ask questions to, and peers that you can study with.

Books and on-line tutorials are far more economic, but they are not equal. Some focus only on passing the test. They do not teach fundamentals, they teach how to take the test and some programs are nothing more than hundreds of questions to memorize. These sorts of study guides do little to help you when you are in the field and are not really CCNA training. If you can not apply the knowledge that you have carefully memorized, then you will find yourself out of work quickly. Books and on-line tutorials should focus on the exam, but only to make sure that you understand the material given.

No matter how you decide to study, you should study. CCNA training is serious, as is the responsibilities that CCNA recipients have. Always look for the methods that work best for you. CCNA training may open the door to independence and job advancement that you did not think of before.


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