How To Get Executive Training

With the chaos happening in Corporate America and the melt down on Wall Street, there is a call for changing how business is viewed and conducted. Now more than ever is the need for stronger leadership in business combined with better trained and educated men and women to lead. Executive training programs are being designed to prepare future executives now, with the skills and qualities of a well-rounded leader. Choosing the right business school or company training program takes a little forethought and research. There is an upsurge of business schools, executive training facilities to attend or actively participate in online.  Here are just a few questions one should think about when seeking out an Executive Training program:

  1. What type of degree programs should the applicant apply for, “BS or MBA” program?
  2. How many hours of training will be necessary?
  3. Is the business school or college accredited?

Speaking with the company’s Executive Training program coordinator is a great place to start inquiring for information. Also attending a class to see how and what training is involved is highly recommended. Check with the Better Business Bureau for researching accredited colleges, universities, business schools and other executive training programs. Check with the “Association of Accredited Colleges” to check the accreditation of a particular training school or business-training establishment. This is crucial when enrolling into an executive training program, because there are many fly-by-night schools and colleges around. One should exercise caution before enrolling in any program. If the business schools or other training facilities are fraudulent, contact the local authorities and state Attorney General’s office to file a complaint. One can also sue for the return of any money spent on the program in Small Claims Court.

  1. A good Executive Training program should offer a course in ethics and good management.
  2. How to handle financial problems yet maintain strong leadership.
  3. The program should meet all accreditation requirements.
  4. The program should be designed to inspire a new generation of Executives to lead Corporate America, in a new direction.

A good Executive Training program should include training for the utilization of technology. A sign of a good leader is his or her ability to maximize the use of manpower and technology to move a company forward. After all the training is completed it is up to the men and women to bring forth the qualities needed for compelling leadership. These men and women will be our future business leaders.


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