How To Get FBI Jobs

Special security agent

A job with the FBI is not to be taken lightly by any means and the FBI will not employ just anyone who applies.  It is best to provide an extensive background of achievements and dedication to quality work.

Becoming a law enforcement agent may seem exciting, but it also requires a degree in either criminal justice, forensic analysis, intelligence experience, special tactics or something else that directly pertains to FBI work.  What is required from you, as far as education, will depend on the FBI position you are seeking.

If you want to become an FBI special agent, then you should know that you are required to have a few years of entry level experience before you can be considered for this position.  Applying with the FBI is your first step toward gaining experience.  You are welcome to apply for the position of FBI special agent after you have worked for a few years.

You must be physically fit in order to be considered for an FBI position.  There are a lot of physical requirements in this job; for example, you're often required to run both short and long distances.  The FBI is likely to turn you down if you have any health issues which may hinder you from doing your job.

Ask your doctor to perform a physical on you.  If you check out free and clear of any health issues you may then log onto the FBI website and apply for an open position.  Once the application is filled out you may be asked to attach a resume stating all of your past educational experience, employment history, qualifications and special skills.

After you have completed your application there will be a number of psychological assessments for you to take, which will determine your ability to perform the job.  The FBI must find you both physically and mentally fit before you will be considered for the job.

You may have to wait for quite a while to learn whether you were accepted into the FBI once you have finished your application and required testing.  While you're waiting to hear back, you can keep your education current by taking continuing education credits online; if you are hired, this can improve your earning potential over the long run. 

If your application is reviewed and accepted, you will be asked to take a physical to prove that you are healthy enough to join the force.  Working for the FBI can be very emotionally rewarding.  Employees also receive competitive wages and benefits for their dedication.


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