How To Get Harassment Training

Harassment is one of the biggest workplace issues around the globe. Lawsuits due to harassment or alleged harassment equate to millions of dollars for American corporations each year. In many cases, the harassment was not intentional. For these reasons, it is vitally important for anyone working with people to pursue harassment training.

If you work for a relatively large company, Human Resources should be your first stop when pursuing harassment training. Your Human Resources department should be well equipped with training materials for you to become aware of what constitutes harassment and how to avoid it. Anyone working in a supervisory role should ensure that all of your subordinates have access to these materials and are made fully aware of what constitutes harassment.

Should your Human Resources department be unable to assist you with providing materials for harassment training, ask if they have any harassment trainings or seminars set up. Many companies routinely offer harassment training or seminars, but many employees do not know about them due to it not being well publicized, accidentally deleting e-mails about the training or seminars due to an overflowing mailbox, or overlooking posters due to getting jaded by the daily grind of a corporate workplace. Your Human Resources department should be ecstatic that you want to take advantage of harassment training, so do not be shy about asking about what types of harassment prevention training are available.

In a worst case scenario, if your Human Resources is unable to help you at all, you can purchase training materials and even arrange for an organizational psychologist to come speak to your corporation about what constitutes as harassment and how to prevent it. Many companies have speakers come to their organizations to discuss harassment, so you may find that other company's Human Resources departments are going to be your most useful asset when searching for harassment training if your company's Human Resources department is unable to assist you. Additionally, you may want to look online for some resources. With harassment being such a global issue, especially in the corporate workplace, you are likely to find a wide array of resources available to you on the Internet.

Training in harassment prevention may seem like a politically correct move, but it is also an ethical and financially responsible thing to do. Harassment is not only wrong from a moral perspective, but it costs corporations too much money. Don't put off harassment training.


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