How To Get Medical Assistant Jobs

A Medical assistant is someone who has first contact with a patient and assists a doctor or nurse in the basic tasks of taking blood pressure, medical histories, and on occasion, performs basic tests such as ultrasounds and even EKG’s. Medical Assistants work alongside doctors in both private doctors’ offices and in hospitals. Medical assistants on average make a salary of about $21,000 per year.

Although a degree or certification is not required, most offices prefer to hire medical assistants with either an Associates Degree in applied science or a Medical Assistance Certification. There are two types of certification. You can become a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) or a Registered Medical Assistant. Certified Medical Assistants are only credited in Medical assisting while Registered Medical Assistants are credited for many other jobs in the medical field. You can receive certification through a Medical Assistance Program at a community college or trade school. In order to receive certification, you must complete an exam and pay a fee. This fee varies by state and school.

Finding a job as a Medical Assistant isn’t hard; you just have to know where to look. Look in your local papers for job openings. Some might not say whether or not they are hiring medical assistants or not. Some listings may just say NOW HIRING. This is vital opportunity for you to call the doctors’ office to introduce yourself and make yourself known to the office. Look online for job openings in the medical assistant field. People are always hiring. Medical assisting is one of the highest growing careers. Look for local offices and/or hospitals that you would easily be able to get to. The closer the office is the amount of stress you will have to endure decreases. Call them as soon as possible.

Set up an interview. This will be like any other interview. Private Offices will have more of a 1 on 1 feel as hospitals may have an interview committee. Make sure to remember your resume and any other certificates and/or licenses. Dress professionally. Because Medical assistants work in a public domain, hair should be pulled back and men should be cleanly shaven. Don’t wear gaudy jewelry or lots of make up. Remember to smile. Showing friendliness is the best way to get a job. Offices will want to hire someone that will work well with the patients and make them feel more comfortable.


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