How To Get Medical Billing Certification

The world of medicine is booming. It is one of the few industries that is not crippled by a recession and is destined to continue to grow for many years to come. Many people want to get a piece of the medical field pie but do not want to work around the blood, guts, and other unpleasant sights that come with being a clinician or direct service provider in health care. Medical billing is a great way to get into the health care field and stay behind a desk.

Medical billing is a challenging career field, so education should be sought if you wish to pursue medical billing certification. A variety of community colleges and technical schools offer training in medical billing. Community colleges will be your least expensive option, though they may not be the fastest. Many community colleges do not list medical billing classes as for-credit classes, so if the regular admissions department does not know anything about the college's medical billing class availability, ask to speak with the adult education department. Many adult education classes are not eligible for financial aid, but it never hurts to ask about scholarships and other types of funding available if cost is an issue for you.

If you are simply looking for a certificate in medical billing, be sure not to get sold by many of the for-profit schools that will try to tell you that you need to have a degree or a variety of other certificates from them which will cost you several thousand dollars. Make sure that you stick to your guns about only wanting to get a medical billing certificate. Many for-profit schools will tell you that you need to have medical coding certification in order to study medical billing and will try to enroll you in additional classes, thereby doubling your tuition. Medical coding and medical billing are entirely different job functions and are not at all related. For these reasons it is important to do your research about what you want; this way you will avoid getting talked into paying for something that you do not need if you are going to visit a for-profit school. However, many for-profit schools do offer a quality education.  The key is to do your research ahead of time so that you can get exactly the education you are looking for.

If you have experience in the medical world and simply want to broaden your horizons with medical billing, a study guide may be sufficient for you to pass a medical billing certification exam.


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