How To Get Pharmacist Jobs

A pharmacist is the next important person in line from your doctor when it comes to your health. When you get a prescription from your doctor, it is the pharmacist's job to fill your prescription, review the medical history that is on file for other medications you may be taking, any allergies that you may have and to inform you of warnings that are associated with the prescribed drug. If you are seeking a career in the pharmacist field, below you will find instructions on how you can accomplish your goal of becoming a pharmacist, pharmacist technician or pharmacy aide.

To become a pharmacist you must have a Pharmacy Degree from an accredited pharmacist school.  At the website you can find a list of accredited Pharmacist schools throughout the United States and Canada.

Now let us go over the education that is needed in order for you to accomplish your goal of becoming a Pharmacist. The education criteria you need to have to meet the requirements for the Pharmacist Degree requires two years of post secondary education of the following classes: Humanities, social science, mathematics, anatomy, physiology, physics, chemistry and biology. What is meant by post secondary education is any schooling beyond high school such as college, internships, or vocational training. The next step after your post secondary education is to take the Pharmacy College Admission Test. Once you have passed this test you can begin your four year Pharmacist Degree Program.

Your four year studies will include the chemistry of drugs, and how they work once they are consumed by a person. The interactions of drugs when they are combined, patient care, communication via medical staff and patients, health and ethics. In these four years you will have to acquire 1500 plus hours of internship at clinics, hospitals and pharmacies. The average schooling time frame for a Pharmacist totals about six years.

If you are interested in becoming a pharmacy technician, this position does not require a certificate, but it is not frowned upon either. The training for this position is basically on the job training. Your work detail will be assisting the Pharmacist in distributing the medication or medications to the patient. You may be asked to count the tablets and label prescription bottles.

To be a pharmacy aide does not require an certificate, this position gives on-the-job training. You will be expected to perform clerical duties in pharmacies such as answering the phones, replenishing stock and operating the cash register. Pharmacy aids also work together with pharmacy technicians. This position is the stepping stone for advancement when seeking to become a pharmacy technician or Pharmacist.


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