How To Get Security Jobs in Iraq

Although absent from the news as of late, the security situation in Iraq is still tenuous.  In addition, President Obama has committed to withdrawing most of the American soldiers.  Iraqis know that establishing a more cohesive and inclusive government is important.  In order to accomplish this, training and maintaining the Iraqi security forces will be critical.  Iraqis have died and continue to die because of the disintegration of the health care system, coupled with violence orchestrated by militias, gangs, and death squads.  A 2006 study estimates that more than a half million Iraqis have been classified as excess deaths since 2003.  With Iraqi civilian casualties high and the need to protect NGO workers, this is the best time to get security jobs in Iraq.  This article will outline the most efficient way to get security jobs in Iraq.

First, as with any job, it is important to have specific goals and expectations in mind.  If you are seeking a high-paying, low-risk job, then a security job in Iraq would be a bad choice.  However, if you possess a sense of adventure or a desire to help others, then there are some rewarding opportunities to be found in Iraq.  You must conduct a thorough assessment of you experience and skills because there are numerous jobs listed under the banner of security.  In addition, some jobs require you to have a security clearance, while others only require the requisite experience.

Once you have outlined a clear set of goals and expectations, then a cursory search will turn up dozens of websites that are designed to place prospective candidates in Iraq.  Some of these companies such as, Olive Security, Armour Security, Global, and USDID will allow you to apply directly, while others want you to submit your resume through a third party.  Research these companies as well as the positions they are offering in order to get best combination of salary and perks.  Most security jobs in Iraq pay well, but many of them also provide free food and housing for the duration of the contract.

Lastly, familiarize yourself with United States law as it pertains to independent contractors in Iraq.  Because of the unique nature of this conflict, the Pentagon is forced to rely on private security companies to perform crucial jobs once performed by the military.  However, due to various reasons, only civilians that work for the Department of Defense will be immune from local Iraqi prosecution.  This is one example of the shifting laws at work home and abroad.  Anyone considering a security job in Iraq would do well to stay abreast of these issues.


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