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When a person is engaged in graphic design, the immediate impression is that he is a person who does amazing visual presentations that are used for product labels and websites. Unknown to many, graphic design is quite a big field. There are many careers in graphic design that form this big umbrella. Get to know them one by one.

  1. Creative or Art Directors. Creative or art directors lead a creative team of graphic artists that produce the artworks used in magazines, product labels, television, websites, and billboards. They make sure that each member of the team not only beat the deadline but also deliver amazing artwork that will satisfy the clients. They make the major decisions in the visual elements of the projects and also have the final say in everything. This job entails supervisory and administrative skills.
  2. Layout Artists. Layout artists are in-charge of making sure that all the visual elements look pleasing to the eye. They carefully consider elements such as color, typeface, text formatting, and picture placement.
  3. Brand Identity Designers. Brand identity designers make it a point that people remember the brand of the product. They are in charged of keeping the brand fresh and effective.
  4. Logo Designers. Logo designers make a logo that is highly identifiable to the product and at the same time express the key message of the client or the product manufacturer.
  5. Flash Designers. Flash designers create movies on the web using Flash technology. Through Flash technology, a web advertisement can have moving pictures, text, animation, video, and audio.
  6. Illustrators. Illustrators do drawings for printed materials like books, magazines, greeting cards, wrapping papers, and stationery. They may use different mediums such as pencil, pen, oil pastel and paint.
  7. Technical Illustrators. Technical illustrators differ from illustrators in the material they produce. These artists create three-dimensional images and storyboard sketches. They also produce moving illustrations for television, movies and computer games.
  8. Photoshop Editors. Photo editors or Photoshop artists, as the name suggests, are well-versed in the photo editing software Photoshop. They are responsible for manipulating photos to make them look better for print media.
  9. Multimedia Designers. Multimedia designers often work on television or movie sets. They are responsible in making scale models, plans or drawings that will be reviewed by the director or the production manager. They are also the ones who design props, costumes and sets.
  10. Photographers. Photographers are the experts in capturing pictures that will be used in the graphic design of the project. They know the technicalities that surround picture taking such as lighting, color theory and film processing.
  11. Web Designers. Web designers create the layout of websites of clients. They are also responsible in developing the navigational tools of the site.

The different careers in graphic design stated above require constant training to get updated knowledge of the latest graphic design techniques.


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