How To Ace Job Interviews – Be a Cut Above the Rest

As a job seeker, you should know how to ace job interviews and have advantage over the other applicants. You may be the most qualified in terms of credentials and experience but if you fail to impress the interviewer, you might not be able to get the job you are seeking. Here are ways on how to be a cut above the rest in job interviews:

  • Conduct a mock interview on your own. Not that you should follow a script or memorize prepared standard answers – but it will help a lot if you make your own interview scenario based on the possible questions that might be asked from you. Write down all these questions and pretend you are in the actual interview room in front of the interviewer by answering each question.
  • Know what you want and assert it before the interviewer. Be specific about the position you are aiming for and be able to explain the reason why you want the post.
  • Avoid giving lame and rehashed “beauty pageant” answers like – “I want this job because I want to help humanity.” Or “I want this job because I want to contribute to the development of the community.” Come on – admit that you want the job for personal reasons. You need income. You want prestige. Well, perhaps you also have the genuine desire to help and “contribute to world peace” – but this normally comes secondarily.
  • Do away from using phrases. Even a simple “Yes” and “No” should be followed by justifications or reasons.
  • Try to exude with an aura of poise and self assurance. However do not act like you know everything, as this will make you look arrogant and proud - are traits that will surely turn the interviewer off.
  • Strive to shine during the interview. See to it that you are different from all the other interviewees. Wear decent business attire but for an added sparkle, you may add some eye catching accessories such as a bar pin, a brooch and a special but simple jewelry. For all you know – these added pieces to your wardrobe might even spark a pleasant conversation to warm up the interview.
  • Smile during the interview, but do not laugh when uncalled for. And when you laugh, do it modestly. Show sincerity and warmth by looking at the eyes of the interviewer while delivering your answers. Offer your hand for a handshake before and after the interview proper.
  • Be composed and calm even before you are called inside the interview room. To relax yourself, take three deep breaths before you open the interviewee’s door.
  • Talk audibly and just loud enough to be heard all over the room. You are not auditioning for a singing contest or a theater role so talk in a moderate pitch. If your voice is naturally loud, suppress it by lowering the tone.
  • Think of the answer before you start to talk. Once you have given an answer, it will be hard to rectify and take it back.

To really ace a job interview, act as yourself. Never bluff nor flatter the interviewer in order to impress him. And most of all never show to the interviewer that you desperately want and need the job. Show him that you have other options should your application be rejected.


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