How To Act Like a Businessman

Acting like a businessman is not hard to do, but it does take time and effort to make you presentable. Acting like a businessman can be achieved, but first you need to work on your outside appearance. Here are some simple steps that will help you to look and act like a businessman.

Step One: Always wear a quality suit. Suits need not be expensive but they do need to have a look of authority and preferably in the colors of dark gray or black. In addition, wear a conservative looking tie, particularly in muted colors of gray or blue. You don’t want the tie to stand out because you want your overall appearance to complement your demeanor and give you an air of authority.

Step Two: In addition, wear shoes that are conservative-looking, comfortable and shoes that complement your suit. Shoes are important because they add to the character and personality of the individual.

Step Three: Take time to be well-groomed. Ensure that you have a clean and attractive haircut, that you are clean shaven and that your clothes are neat, clean and pressed. Make sure, too that your nails have been trimmed.

Step Four: An accessory such as a briefcase helps give an air of authority and competency. This is of course, up to you. However, in this writer’s opinion, a briefcase works well because it shows that you are prepared, business-like and organized.

Step Five: Purchase and carry a cell phone. Keep your numbers up-to-date and keep important numbers on Speed Dial. But, when you’re talking with others or in an important meeting, be sure to turn the cell phone off. There is nothing so distracting and unprofessional as when a cell phone rings and interrupts the atmosphere of a meeting. In addition, if your work requires it and if it keeps you organized, carry a PC with you.

Step Six: When you walk, walk at a moderate pace and with purpose. Keep your posture straight, tall and smile. Smiling shows confidence and when it comes to dealing with others, an old saying needs to be remembered, power perceived, is power achieved. And, smiling shows that you are open and friendly, which is a good business-like trait.

Step Seven: Wherever you go and whoever you meet, always be on time. No one likes to be kept waiting and the old saying; arriving fashionable late does not apply to a businessman. So, if you find that you’re going to be late, call and let the person or persons know that you will be late but that you will be there as soon as possible. Or, reschedule for another time.

Step Eight: When conducting any kind of business; be it with a group of people or individuals, never say or shake hands or agree to do something if you can’t do it. And, with any kind of business, do the necessary background work and research so that you will be prepared when the actual event arrives.

Step Nine: And, one of the most important ways to look and act like a businessman is to acquire as much knowledge as possible about the field you’re in. Keep learning and developing everyday so that your skills remain competent and high. For even though you may look and act like a businessman, the real proof of being  one, will be seen in how you conduct and process your daily affairs.


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