How To Apply for a Job at Circuit City

Circuit City is an American company that offers entertainment software, consumer electronics, computers and large appliances.  It was the 2nd largest U.S. electronic retailer with 567 stores nationwide.  Due to bankruptcy, it was finally bought by Systemax in May 2009.  They decided to use this brand strictly for online merchandising only, resulting in closing all Circuit City branches in the United States. 

Unfortunately, almost all of its employees have been terminated as well.  Today, there is a small staff in their corporate office in Richmond, Virginia to continue the company's business and to process the many documents for all branches that were shut down.  However, there is still hope and you can still apply for a job in Circuit City.  Especially if you are a former employee, your chances can be higher.  So read on and know how to apply for a job there.  After all, it won't hurt to check and try.

  1. Before when the company has not yet filed for bankruptcy, most people would check Circuit City's website to look for a job.  People would go straight to the bottom of their homepage and click on the Careers link in blue, just below the About Us button.  That is not the case today. After Systemax bought it, its operations shifted to online retailing. The first thing you should think about is if you are a computer savvy, since all dealings are going to be processed through the Internet.
  2. Once you are sure that you have a fair knowledge on how to operate a computer, you can start by going not to the Circuit City website but to Systemax'.
  3. When you are on the Systemax homepage, go directly to job openings by pointing your mouse arrow on the Careers at the upper right part of your screen, before the Contact Us link.  A drop-down button will appear, click on Job Opportunities.  You will see a vertical menu on the left-side of your screen.  Below the Job Opportunities heading, there is a list of companies.  Look for Circuit City and click on it.  If nothing happens, that means there are no vacancies available yet.  However, if you scroll down, you will see contact information of their recruitment department.  You can call or send them an email to inquire about any job openings available.
  4. You can also go and directly contact Circuit City by clicking on the Contact Us button.  Once there, click on the Corporate Offices link directory.  Scroll down and look for the Circuit City's contact details.  Once found, you can call their customer service or their main office and ask about any job postings available in your area.

Today, it will be difficult for a while to find jobs in Circuit City, since they are undergoing a crucial transition that would make or break the success of this company.  But with faith, perseverance and a lot of patience, you will surely find the dream job you've always been looking for when Circuit City is on its feet, ready to conquer the world of consumer electronics once again.


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