How To Be a Great Executive Assistant

There is more to being an exceptional executive assistant than doing clerical work. A great executive assistant makes sure that everything is running smoothly while juggling other tasks such as organizing schedules and appointments for the executive and managing the stream of information for the whole office all at the same time. It takes a lot of focus and determination on your part and you need to be fully prepared for the workload should you choose to become an executive assistant because you will essentially be the right hand of the executive.

Here are simple steps on how to become an exceptional executive assistant:

  1. Go to work prepared and on time. Wear appropriate business attire to become presentable. There will be a lot of meetings that would require you to meet important clients and executives. Make sure that you always look well put together as your appearance will reflect the image of your boss and the company you are working for. Let them know that you mean business and that you are there to be the best at what you do.
  2. Create a clean working environment. Make sure that your work space is always organized so that you know where everything is, which cuts your time in half as well.
  3. Always be professional. May it be through meeting with clients or simply answering the phone, always maintain your professionalism.
  4. Be attentive. Listen carefully when your executive is talking to you and jot down notes. As an executive assistant, you need to make sure that your boss gets to the right place at the right time if there are meetings, conferences, social engagements, or other appointments.
  5. Make an effort to get to know your executive. This is important because you have to anticipate what your boss needs before he tells you what it is. Good communication between you and your boss is a crucial aspect in a great working environment.
  6. Gain your boss’ trust. As an assistant, you will be hearing a lot of things in the office, may it be personal issues of your boss or just purely gossip among other employees. It is important that you be discreet when it comes to these things. Do not run out and tell everybody what you just heard about your boss. It is low-class and totally unprofessional. By gaining his trust, your boss will be assured that you are there to do a good job and that you are a reliable asset of the company.
  7. Do not be afraid to ask questions when you don’t understand something. Let your boss know if you have any suggestions because he will appreciate the fact that you are trying to help out. Also, this will show him that you are paying attention.
  8. Show respect for your boss and all the other employees.

Great executive assistants are responsible and hardworking. Simply follow these steps and you are guaranteed to become the best at what you do.


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