How To Be a Master Closer

When you are in sales, closing is as important as your sales pitch. Without the closing spiel, you aren’t assured of a sale and you might even leave things hanging. If you’re in sales as your profession then you should have a very convincing closing to end your sales pitch and ensure that a sale does indeed happen and that you haven’t wasted your time and getting no results for it.

If you want to be a master closer, you have to bear in mind that to make the close you need to be able to try and sell something. Most of the objections to becoming a good closer starts with your objection that you aren’t a salesperson. All companies or businesses in one way or another sell a product or service and that in turn make all employees a salesperson of some sort. All of us do know how to sell but some just do it more convincingly than others. Selling is actually applicable to everyday life and for sure you have been selling more than you know. It’s just that you never knew that you were doing it.

In order for you to become a master closer, first you need to be a good seller and one of the stumbling blocks to this would be your objection of “I don’t know how to sell”. If you get that out of the way, then you are halfway there. Next step would be to have high spirits when you’re selling. People don’t like to buy a product or service from people who don’t have lots of energy. As a salesperson, you’d like to be able to transmit your enthusiasm for your product or service in order for it to be sellable. If you don’t seem interested in your product and even though it is a good product, then for sure you won’t generate sales for it.

After you’ve gone through the selling process, then you need to have an end to it. This is where the closing part comes in. For you to be a great closer, you should have delivered a great sales pitch and after you’ve given your sales pitch then you have to give a convincing and enthusiastic closing. For this, you have to be direct and ask conclusive questions and don’t beat around the bush because if you do then your client might just also beat around the bush. Make a conclusion or summary of all the things that you discussed during your sales pitch. If you can give these in bullet point format then it would be much better because it will clearly elucidate all the points that you want to make so that your client will make a favorable decision.

For most, selling comes really easy. It should be really easy but you should know that giving a convincing and strong closing spiel is an essential part in the selling process as well as showing how good a closer and salesperson you are.


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