How To Be a Retail Manager

A retail manager has a very big responsibility. He is responsible for the day to day aspects involved in running a store or retail outlet. A person aspiring to be a retail manager should not only have the relevant knowledge and skills, but should also show competence and years of experience working in the retail industry. Here are some helpful tips on how to work your way up to be a retail manager.

  1. Earn a degree in business management, marketing, or any related field. A college degree is not required of everyone who wants to be a retail manager, but it would certainly be an advantage to you, especially if competition for retail manager positions is fierce. Employers always look for something extra special in a potential candidate; something that will set him apart from all the rest. Completing a degree in business management or any relevant course gives you that edge, and employers will think you already have the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare you for the job. Some retail stores even offer on-the-job training for college students and graduates of business courses.
  2. Look for a retail manager job opening. Browse through the job market pages in the newspaper, or search through the Internet for retail manager job openings. Send your curriculum vitae to retailers you are interested in working for and always accompany your CV with a cover letter to make your application more formal. Send as many applications as you can.
  3. Start working as a sales staff in a retail store. Work your way up. Most fresh graduates or those with absolutely zero retail experience are accepted as sales assistants or staff in a retail store. If you are determined to work hard and get to the top, you can score the assistant manager and eventually, the top manager position. Once you are accepted as a sales assistant or a staff member, establish a long working relationship with the company—stay loyal and learn as you work. Learn from your supervisors and managers and how they manage daily business operations. Work with honesty and integrity. Gain all the necessary experience you need. The more you do your work excellently, the more your employers will trust you and want you to stay with the company and even hold a higher position. When you are confident enough to hold a managerial position, apply as soon as an opening is available for you.
  4. Apply for an assistant manager position in a retail store. If you have all the necessary skills and experience but can’t seem to score a retail manager position, try applying for an assistant manager position first. Learn the ropes and everything else that will prepare you to be the successor of the top manager position. Other employers will be more confident in hiring you once they know that you’ve worked as an assistant manager.
  5. Gain relevant training. Whether you’re still finishing your degree, working as a staff member in a retail outlet, or holding a supervisory or assistant management position, never underestimate the advantage that continuing education will give you. Take short management, marketing, accounting, or business courses that would complement what you already know. Attend seminars, workshops, and other training that would help you to be more competent in working towards a top manager position.

Scoring a retail manager position doesn’t happen overnight. You need to have the brains and the competence to do the job because you would be the top person responsible for overseeing the day-to-day business operations and responsibilities. A lot depends on you. But with hard work, relevant training, hands-on experience, and much determination, employers will be very confident to hire you as their retail manager.


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