How To Be a Successful Life Insurance Broker

If you are looking for a lucrative and profitable career and business, then look no further. The life insurance business is beckoning for your attention. Everyone needs life insurance and the commissions you can get from selling and brokering life insurance policies is extremely rewarding. Of course, success will only be measured on how good a job you can do. The higher the quality of service you provide will equate to the number of customers you can gain. The more customers you get, the higher the potential income will be. To help you become successful in this venture, here are some tips you should consider.

  • Get your license. Most, if not all, states will require a person looking to break into the business of life insurance to be licensed. Check the state requirements and accomplish all the necessary forms to apply for the license. You will have to pay certain fees and take a licensure exam. Pass it and you are on your way to becoming a successful life insurance broker.
  • Market your business. Marketing and advertising is key in getting the desired number of continuous customers to buy life insurance policies from you. Advertise using newspapers and billboards to capture a market in your area. To expand your horizons, start marketing online in websites like Craigslist and EBay. Supplement your exposure with a nice and informative blog and website that you can update regularly. Don’t forget to take advantage of social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and MySpace. With close to a billion users online daily, you should never see a shortage of potential clients.
  • Improve your sales skills. The sales pitch and talk is your main arsenal thus, if you really want to succeed in the business, you need to always be closing. Any person you come across should be a potential client. However, leave the hardcore selling at home and approach the entire thing with a casual and informal manner. People rarely cuddle up with a guy that always sees them as money. However, if you are faced with a client, make sure to keep your pitch high and mighty. Make sure you have rebuttals ready.
  • Cold calling is critical. If you have the resources to do this, it can really help your efforts in gaining more customers. You can either do the cold calling your in-house team or outsource it to a telemarketing agency. The calls should be to qualify prospects instead of selling. The objective is to get you leads and set up face to face appointments. That is where the selling will happen.
  • Provide the best service. If you want to get the valuable word of mouth marketing, then you will want to provide the highest quality of service to your existing customers. Remember, these people have friends that they can refer to you should you prove to be worth it.

If you are an agency with a team of sales people, make sure that each person is well trained in sales and customer service. This will equate to more customers thus, getting you more commissions in the process. The more customers you have and the more money you earn will be the real measure of success. These being said, make sure that you live up to what you are selling and always be closing.


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