How To Be an Airborne Ranger

MicroProse simulated military life through a computer game released in 1987. This game was called Airborne Ranger. The objective of the game is for the airborne ranger to break into the territory of the enemy and complete various tricky missions. This game underlines a real and prestigious job in the military field. The course of an airborne ranger lasts for 62 days of simulated combat.

The real airborne ranger is also a soldier who is able to rise up the ranks in 75th Ranger regiment. In United States Army, this infantry is the most elite and highly respected. In order to be accepted in the 75th ranger regiment, the soldier must be enlisted as an infantry soldier and hold the ranger indoctrination contract or RIP. This contract can only be acquired from the recruiter or from the infantry basic training held at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Getting an RIP is an intricate process. This lasts for 30 days and thrusts aside those who cannot sustain. This means that the soldier must be in a very fit physical condition, extremely committed, and can withstand all the tough challenges. Because of these requirements, the retention rate for RIP is very low.

After completing the RIP, the soldier is assigned to one of the three ranger battalions that are located in Georgia and Washington State. However, this is not yet an assurance that the soldier is near the quest to be an airborne ranger. This will just commence his life to another battle. He will be assigned as a member of a squad under the subordination of an actual airborne ranger. Rules and orders in the ranger regiment are strictly imposed as defiance is punished by expulsion. Only the most competent are able to meet the standards and are therefore retained.

After passing through that complex phase, the soldier now will become a ranger. The chain of commands decides whether he is ready for ranger school or not. Otherwise, he will need to wait for a year in order to groom. And if he fails, he will be weeded out.

There are four phases in the ranger school. The first phase is the physical assessment phase. Here, a soldier who aspires to be an airborne ranger will take physical tests everyday with only one to three hours of sleep for 62 days. He will need to successfully pass this phase in order to move on to the next. The second phases deals with squad operations. He will attend classes and carry out squad recons and ambushes. And the last two phases center at platoon operations in Georgia and Florida. In the last three phases, he must be awarded “go” for leadership position to complete the course.

Then finally, he will become a real airborne ranger and can now return to his assigned unit. But the real life of an airborne ranger only starts after graduation, when he will be tasked to hazardous missions. His enemies are perilous, they can surround and outnumber him, but from what he has undergone through, there are still many who believe that a trained airborne ranger can complete the missions.


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