How To Be an Effective Emcee

In any occasion whether formal or informal, an emcee is always present to lead the program. Good emcees have their ways with their wits and overall charm. So for you to be invited as one is an honor in itself. Listed below are the things you should consider for you to be an effective emcee.

  • Know the details. It is vital to any emcee to at least research beforehand or meet with the organization or key persons for the details on what you are about to host. Remember to take note on the whole theme of the event, guest speakers and even the school or organization behind the program. Familiarize yourself with proper pronunciation of names for introductory purposes. You should also consider your audience when making your script. You have to understand their preferences and build from it
  • Have appropriate pacing. Consider the pace of the program you will be hosting. Set the proper tone at the very beginning of the program according to its theme and standard. See to it that you include smooth transitions every time you enter and exit the spotlight. Have a breather for the audience to stretch if you know that the program will be long. You must be keen to the audience reaction to change the tempo if they become bored or too agitated. You can also shift the pace when introducing a guest speaker or the next act. Try to create anticipation within the audience by giving them interesting facts, quirky details and even teasers. This will surely entice your audience.
  • Be fresh. Deliver your script in a manner that it’s lively and with a sense of humor fused in it. Try not to have dull moments to prevent dead air. Do not forget to bring a set of one-liners or quotes that are appropriate to the program. Just make sure that it’s not offensive or rude for the general public.
  • Give the spotlight. As an emcee, you are responsible in ensuring the proper flow of things during the program. Bear in mind that you are only to host the program, not to be the center of it. The guest speaker or the main event should outshine your performance as the emcee.
  • Time checker. Emcees have the ability vary the available airtime of each individual or group in the stage. It is your responsibility to keep everyone in the program on time in every cue. Indicate the remaining time for each of them by flashing cards or indicating that they only have few minutes left. In the occasion that they exceed the allotted time, you can gracefully enter and take the stage. Your role as a time checker is as flexible as it can get. If your speaker is late, be sure to entertain the audience to buy enough time. While doing this, have someone else prepare the next act, program or back-up speaker ready.
  • Last minute rehearsals. On the day of the event, be sure to come ahead of schedule and confirm your attendance hours before the program proper. Ask for any changes in the program, introductions or even the location of the podium. The more preparation time you have the more successful your hosting will be.

Now you can be an effective emcee and have fun sharing your hidden talent in public speaking!


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