How To Become a Better Waiter

Serving people in a restaurant is probably one of the hardest jobs. If you are planning to work as a waiter, you need to have the discipline that this job is going to require. Otherwise, you may want to consider a different career for you.

If you are already a waiter and you feel that you may still do better with your work, let us give you some tips on how to do better a better job.

Here are the steps on how to become a better waiter:

  1. Do not be a racist. As a waiter, you have the obligation to wait and serve the customers. No matter what their race or nationality of the customer is, you must learn to serve them well.
  2. Learn to be patient. Some customers take too long to decide on what to eat. Do not make the customer feel that you are getting impatient for waiting on him/her.
  3. Take note of special requests. Some other customers tend to be meticulous with the served food. If they demand for something to be changed, do not lose you temper. Avoid frowning or mumbling. Take note of the request and bring the food back to the kitchen.
  4. Learn to interact with the customers. Learn how to mingle with the customers. Just make sure that you know your limits. Do not be too personal when asking questions. If they are regular customers, ask them if they are going to order their usual food. If they are new costumers, be nice enough to ask if they are enjoying their stay at the restaurant.
  5. Learn how to smile. Always greet a customer with a smile. When you take their orders, show them that you enjoy serving them. Before you leave the table, give them a pleasant smile while you excuse yourself.
  6. Learn to be polite. You should learn to be polite at all times. Customers should always be treated with utmost respect. Do not be rude when interacting with the customer. Be cordial in addressing the customers. Address them with “Sir or Ma’am”. Greet the customer/s with good day. Say thank you when they are done and leaving.
  7. Give suggestions to the customer. When you feel that the customer is having problems deciding on what to choose on the menu, politely suggest the best dishes that the restaurant is serving. Don’t impose, just suggest. If they are regulars and the restaurant added something on the menu, politely suggest if they want to try the new dish.
  8. Learn how to multi-task. If you have a busy day at the restaurant, learn how to manage your time in between customers. Do the art of multi-tasking. While you are waiting for the ordered food to be ready for one table, go to another and take the customer’s order. This way you are not keeping your customers waiting for too long.

Always be at your best when serving a customer. This may actually earn you a good tip.


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