How To Become a Blogger

Blogs are growing in popularity at break-neck speeds. Full of information and opinions, blogs seem to have captured the interest of the entire world, with their subjective content and their ease of online access. And media companies have recognized and taken hold of this trend by supplementing their news websites with sections for bloggers to comment on topics as well. You can find bloggers who write about any and every topic available, from current news stories to food trends and technical stuff. And the job of blogging isn't just reserved for the media and journalists. The average American can easily become a blogger, with only a computer and an opinion. If you love the idea of communicating with thousands of people every day about the topics that interest you, then consider becoming an online blogger. Here's how.

Step 1

Be educated. People want to read blogs that are well-written and articulate. To be able to write like this, you need to have a good education. Your grammar and spelling should be impeccable (although spell-check is a wonderful thing!). And you should have a knack for writing and reporting. Ideally, you'd take college courses in writing, journalism, media and computers. This will give you a good background on which to start your career as a blogger.

Step 2

Have some samples of your work. To become a blogger, you need to prove yourself as a writer. Keep a portfolio of things that you have written. Perhaps you can start your own blog on your personal website and share that success with your potential employer. Paid blogger positions are mainly found through media companies, and these media companies want to see your capabilities to write captivating material, attract an audience and generate a fan base. All this requires you to have some experience as a writer and a blogger first.  Send in editorials to the local newspaper, or write content for magazines, company newsletters and other things produced for the media. Put together a portfolio of your written work and be prepared to share this during an interview.

Step 3

Apply to blogger jobs. After you have a little bit of experience working as a blogger and a writer, you'll have a better chance of getting a full-time job working for a media company. Check online websites and job boards for available positions in the field, and offer to do some pro-bono work to prove you are capable of blogging. Eventually, your own personal blogging site and your relentless quest to prove yourself to media companies will land you a job as a media blogger, where you can report on news stories, current trends and other various topics while putting your own little spin on the information.


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