How To Become a Bollywood Singer

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Bollywood is the counterpart of Hollywood. It is also known as the film industry of India. Bollywood is actually the largest film producer in India. It is also one of the centers of the world’s film production.

Bollywood films usually involve singing and dancing. It is very seldom that you get to watch a Bollywood movie without a musical part in it. Indian audiences often want songs and dances included in the movies or the plays that they watch.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in Bollywood, you need to make sure that you have the ability to sing Hindi songs. It may also be an advantage if you know how to dance. You may have more opportunities in the Bollywood world. But if you really want to become a Bollywood singer, there are a some things that you need to do.

Here are the steps on how to become a Bollywood Singer:

Learn Hindi. You need to learn to speak Hindi. Study it to make sure you are fluent enough when you sing the Hindi songs. There are plenty of institutions that offer Hindi courses. Enroll in a Hindi course to be able to familiarize yourself with the Hindi culture. You may also learn Hindi from online tutorials via the Internet. There are courses offered online as well.

Listen to Hindi songs. Before anything else, you need to listen to several Hindi songs. This will help you in familiarizing with the Hindi accent. Also, you need to know how the singers deliver the lyrics when singing in Hindi.
Prepare your audition tape. Create your own audition tape. You may record yourself singing Bollywood songs. You may also sing Indian pop culture songs. Your audition tape will be used as to show the range of your singing voice and your ability to sing songs the Bollywood style.
Present your audition tape. Scout where you may find the casting agents for Bollywood singers. You may also submit your audition tape through your U.S. agent if you have one. Another option is to submit it through a Bollywood agent that you personally know.
Personally audition in Mumbai. Mumbai is formerly known as Bombay. You may go there for an audition during open casting calls. Be prepared to sing at least a couple of Hindi Bollywood songs. You will still need to bring your audition tape when you personally audition. You also need to bring your resume and your headshot as additional requirements for the audition.

If you really are considering Bollywood singing as a career, you might as well think of your other options in Bollywood. You may want to become a Bollywood actor too. Just learn to dance, sing and act and you may become a Bollywood actor. Unlike the Bollywood playback singers who just sing in the background, Bollywood actors are seen on films and stages. Who knows? You might wake up and find yourself signing autographs because you have successfully become a famous Bollywood icon.


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