How To Become a Bookkeeper

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Bookkeepers are the people who take care of a company's records. They are personnel hired to take care of the company ledger - taking note of the business expenses and income. Aside from keeping theses records, the bookkeepers are also the professionals who prepare financial reports.

With the increasing dependence on computer and other advanced technology, the role of a bookkeeper has been changing dramatically throughout the recent years. Nowadays, bookkeepers also use computers to finalize reports, make spreadsheets, and manage accounts and receipts for safekeeping.

Being a bookkeeper would require an eye for detail and a knack for organization and money matters. The job would most definitely call for proficiency in the concepts of economics and arithmetic, since the entire job description is all about being the company's point man when it comes to the important money related records.

Educational requirements. Bookkeeping positions would most likely have a requirement for applicants to have high school diplomas. There are plenty of subjects in secondary school that prepare one for work as a bookkeeper. Economics and Accounting units make it possible to be familiarized with the many concepts connected to bookkeeping. Exposure to computers and information technology software that deals with data management such as spreadsheet programs may prove to be a valuable skill later down the road.

While it is not a requirement for some accounting and bookkeeping positions to have a college degree, it would be to your advantage if you can earn an associate's degree in Finance, Business Management, Accounting or Economics. This allows you to have the career flexibility once you start working. It would also be good for you to have sufficient training in new data management systems. Computer literacy is almost certainly a requirement for employment.

Most companies don't really require a college diploma for one to become a bookkeeper, but it sure is an advantage. Entry into the company's workforce is also viewed by a lot of people as a chance to be promoted into the higher parts of the organizational structure. Your role as a bookkeeper can be a transient one, especially if you can work well on your task and prove your work as a potential candidate for managerial positions.

Work experience. Experience in an office environment could be good for your potential employment in a certain company. Just like in any business, on-the-job experience is seen as a good indicator of potential for most employers.

Certification. To increase one's market value and asking price as far as salary is concerned, a bookkeeper may choose to take a certification exam given by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. Having this certification proves that one has the skills do the necessary tasks expected from a bookkeeper. Since they are also the ones responsible for making the payroll and other financial aspects of a business, the bookkeepers really have to prove their worth by passing a four-part examination, as well as a test designed to see if they're up to par regarding the profession's ethical standards.

If you're into crunching numbers and organizing receipts and bills, bookkeeping might just be the best career for you.


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