How To Become a Bouncehouse Distributor

Bouncehouse inflatables are a big hit with kids of all ages. Fun houses and carnivals usually have these inflatables for kids to enjoy.

If you are considering this as your business, have to find the time to dwell into the details to make the business booms. This may eat up most of your time since you may be dealing with big cash-outs.

Here are the steps on how to become a bouncehouse distributor:

  1. Know your profit. Compute how much you are going to earn as a bouncehouse distributor. This is because you will have to decide whether you will make it a part-time or a full-time business. Your revenue depends on this decision. The amount that will be allotted for the inventory of your supply, and the number of employees you are going to hire will also depend on your decision to make it a part-time or full-time job. This may help you determine your income for the business.
  2. Be familiar with the renting rates. Know the local standard rates for bouncehouse rentals. Inquire about the price ranges, length of rentals, and which types of these inflatables are usually rented.
  3. Know the bouncehouse price rates. Get in touch with bouncehouse manufacturers via the telephone and ask for the prices. You may also get a price list of some manufacturers from the Internet. Compare the prices and see where you may get a good deal. This is essential when you are just starting with your bouncehouse distributing business.
  4. Know the price rates for the other expenses. Aside from the inflatables, you will also need to make a price inventory for the other expenses such as the truck, gas, business permits, business license, advertisements, etc.
  5. Know the insurance price. You need to make sure that everything included in your bouncehouse distributing business is insured. This is to make sure that you may have good liability in case something happens to your equipment.
  6. Take baby steps. Upon the start of your bouncehouse distributing business, it may be better if you start small. Buy minimal number of inflatables and other equipment needed. You are still in the trial period. If business is good, then you may want to think about expanding.
  7. Get a lawyer. It may be best if you get a lawyer to take care of insurances, contracts, policies and liabilities. This way, you are certain that you are not violating any rules and regulations of the law. Also, this is to protect your rights for your business.
  8. Advertise your business. Be strategic and unique in advertising your starting business. This is to make sure that you get to attract potential customers. Remember, you have competition so you have to think carefully of a good way to advertise.

Being a bouncehouse distributor may require hard work. However, if you see that the customers, especially the kids, you cater have big smiles on their faces when they are using your product, you know that your hard work is paying off.


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