How To Become a Car Sales Rep

Being a car sales representative is more than just selling a Mitsubishi car, Hyundai car, or any other popular trademarks in the market. If you wish to pursue a career in automobile sales, know what skills and characteristics you need to possess in order to get that job.

  1. You must have a passion for cars. In order to have a career in automobile sales, you need to have the zeal for anything that has to do with cars. It is imperative that you are well versed with the different brands, types, parts, and packages. You cannot sell if you only have a minimum know-how on your product. Only an individual who is passionate about automobiles can have the confidence to sell cars. Even if you have an educational background in sales but your interest in the product is nominal, chances of becoming a car sales representative are slim. If you are highly interested in automobiles, but your knowledge about cars is limited, you can start doing your homework. Study as much as you can about cars, the different manufacturers, and dealers you wish to work with.
  2. Know what car dealers are looking for in a rep. You can find online car dealer websites on the net. Go to the careers page and find what particular requirements they are searching for. Usually, you will find that there is no specific course they require in your educational background, although having a background in sales studies is ideal. Typically, the requirements are more in the personality or character of the applicant. Someone who is self-motivated, assertive, goal oriented, outgoing, a team player, fun loving and possesses proficient communication and interpersonal skills has the edge to become a car sales rep.
  3. Consider working for a used car dealer. Prior to thinking of going into a high end dealership, it will be very practical to start where prices are lower, especially if you do not have a sales background yet. Transportation is still a necessity, but with the recession nowadays, everybody goes for a lower price tag. There is more walk-in traffic where second hand cars are sold.  There you will practice sales skills, and meeting your quota is relatively less stressful than in a higher end dealership.
  4. Create a great impression. Dress for success when you apply or submit your resume. A great impression includes a well written resume that brings out all your sales experience from other industries. If you do not have sales practice, you can emphasize your customer service background.
  5. Prepare to succeed in a competitive industry. Car dealerships often pay solely on commission. You have a sales quota that you have to meet, otherwise someone else is going to take your place. You will have to compete with your own colleagues the same way you are competing with sales reps of other car dealership companies. If you think you cannot thrive within this kind of working environment, the job is not for you. You will always have to be aggressive and confident to reach your targets.

If you are reviewing your chances to become a car sales rep, these simple tips are worth considering regardless of where you are. Whether you are in the USA, UK, or other countries, although for some countries, there are licensing requirements in order to become a car sales representative.


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