How To Become a CareFlight Nurse

A CareFlight nurse is a registered nurse who is highly trained and has more experience in emergency care, critical care and advanced life support. They need more special skills particularly in intensive care because they usually deal with emergencies. Different situations require the capabilities of a CareFlight nurse. CareFlight nurses are needed by medical emergency teams to treat patients that came from remote areas while airlifting them to a hospital or healthcare facility. Medical teams who rush to disaster sites like vehicular accidents, earthquakes or other calamities also need CareFlight nurses to work with them and treat injured patients while being transported by helicopter to the nearest hospital. Flight nurses are also required at times by large airline companies. They can travel with people who need medical attention and have certain medical needs. If you want a more rewarding job as a nurse, you may consider becoming a CareFlight nurse. Here are some tips to help you achieve this goal.

  • Be a registered nurse. Experience in critical care may help you become a successful CareFlight nurse.
  • Learn more about the job responsibilities of a CareFlight nurse. Understand how this career began. You may contact the CareFlight organization in Australia to learn more information about this career.
  • Hone your communication and customer service skills. If you want to become a CareFlight nurse, you also need to develop these skills since you would be dealing with patients and other people most of the time. There are occasions when you must participate in community service events and in some trainings and seminars.
  • Undergo advance training in the field of critical care. These are some of the areas you need to be certified or to get training for: Basic and Advance Cardiac Life Support, Trauma Life Support, and Pediatric Advance Life Support among other. This may take years but you can also take specialized programs designed for CareFlight nurses. Check out the web for entities that provide this kind of training for nurses who want to become CareFlight nurses. Please note that training could be rigorous and tough and entail several hours for both in-flight and field training.
  • Join a professional air-medical group or organization. Make sure that you attend their meetings and that you know the people in the organization and in the industry.
  • Make sure you have enough on-the-job experience. Three or more years experience as a critical care nurse for example, would make you more prepared as a CareFlight nurse. You also need experience in properly dealing with all kinds of patients.
  • Know who your possible employers are. Employers that usually get the services of flight nurses are private individuals, hospitals, community healthcare facilities, big airlines and medical emergency teams. You can also apply at air ambulance companies.

Since this job demands a high skill level, applicants for CareFlight nurse are sometimes provided with free flights for the job interviews. The pay is higher than what a regular nurse receives. The average expected salary is $56,000 annually.


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