How To Become a Child Movie Actress

Child actress

It’s no surprise that many young girls find themselves wanting to be actresses.  Movies and television are intriguing for young children, and girls especially enjoy the perks and glamour of the entertainment scene.  If your child is interested in becoming a child movie actress, there are several ways to help her pursue her dream.

Keep in mind that you and your child have to be willing to devote the time and money into becoming a child movie actress.  Young girls need their parents to be present at movie auditions, whether they are local or out-of-state.  You have to be ready to take time off work or caring for your other children.

The first step to becoming a child movie actress is to have a new and updated set of photographs taken.  These photographs should be professionally done and should focus on the your child’s face.  These headshots will be used to send to agents or to put in a portfolio.

In the meantime, get your child involved with local plays, dancing and acting classes, and community theatre.  Your child will gain confidence and experience, as well as have the opportunity to test out the waters of becoming a child movie actress.  Best of all, if your child decides that she doesn’t enjoy acting as much as she thought she would, it’s easier to back out.

If your child finds that she loves acting and has gotten quite the attention of local play-goers, you will then need to decide who is going to be your child‘s agent.  The agent is the person responsible for finding and arranging auditions, and some parents take on this role during their child’s acting career.

Hiring an agent is most common and certainly has its advantages.  Agents are experienced in the entertainment field, therefore are familiar with available auditions.  Agents have inside knowledge and will be able to refer your child actress to auditions that will have the best success rates.

When choosing an agent for your child‘s movie acting career, make sure that you and your child feel comfortable with him or her.  Your child should never feel pressured to do an audition that she doesn’t want to do, nor feel bad about not getting a part.  In addition, if your child ever feels that acting isn’t the path she wants to take, your agent should support this decision.

Also note that when finding a reputable agent, you shouldn’t have to pay for anything upfront.  You will incur costs for photographs and traveling, but you only pay your agent if and when your child lands an acting gig.  In this case, many agents will collect 10% of your child’s paycheck.  Beware of fraudulent contracts that want money or credit card information off the bat.

As your child begins to get auditions, make sure she is having fun and enjoying the acting process.  Embarking on the journey of becoming a child movie actress is exciting, yet challenging.  There will be ups and downs throughout the process, but ultimately the experience should be rewarding for your child.


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